Urgent question needs answering.

  1. Hello everybody.

    I am lining up to take the NCLEX for the first time on tuesday and i am getting the pretest jitters. i have been mainly studying the Saunders questions because i was told that saunders has the more difficult question set.

    my question is this? when you were doing saunders Exams and quizzes, what scores were you getting and how did those questions correlate to your NCLEX exam. i have been getting in the mid to high 60's on the 100 question exams and 7-9 on the 10 question quizzes. do i have a decent shot at passing. Im getting increasingly stressed about this test.


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  3. by   tonmarchelli
  4. by   purple_rose_3
    I didn't study for my nclex and passed just fine. Alls I can say to you is just relax and rely on the critical thinking skills you learned in school. I had friends tell me they studied those books and they don't think it helped at all. They said it was a waste of time.
  5. by   WinksRN
    I study from Kaplan and Saunders simultaneously. Since you have a body of knowlege from stusying the Saunders.you must know going in to take that test that applying your ABC's and Maslow and the Nsg Process is more important than knowing different diagnoses,they want to know that even if you dont know the dx. you know how to still sagely care for that patient and delegate. remember to only delegate the MOST stable patients to LPN. and transfer only the MOST Stable patients to another floor if you have to free up a bed on your unit. KAPLAN is excellent in teaching you which questions to apply the ABC's Nsg Process or Maslow. and how to get your answers from the multiple choices if you have no clue of what the questions is asking.. God Bless You'll do fine.
  6. by   marygirl
    Okay, I'll try. I used Saunders a bit, but not exclusively. I had several different test question CD's and didn't focus so much on the scores as I did they type of question and reading it appropriately and hopefully deducing the answer. As far as the NCLEX, I thought for sure I was failing because the questions seemed so easy! I had 75 questions then the machine turned off. I passed.
    Good luck to you. I know you can't help but stress over this, but trust your instincts and your judgment.
  7. by   elenova
    Most of the nurses here studied from Saunders and most of them passed. I dont know how can you study and take it as a waste of time. Nurses, we can not say we now enough. Never! And the same is with NCLEX. They dont expect you to know everything, everybody does 50 right and 50 wrong.
    Your scores are not bad. By now you should close the books and go out, walk, see a friend. Dont get too excited, sleep and eat well. Try to do your best on the exam,keep breathing and eliminate after reading the question carefully. that is all.
    Keep us posted, good luck, God with you!
  8. by   Achoo!
    You'll do great!
  9. by   hppygrndma
    Good luck. As far as the test, just remember ABC's. Airway, breathing, circulation......
  10. by   tonmarchelli
    well i just got out of the test. the computer shut me out at around 130. i really feel bad about it. there were lots of drugs that i had no idea about. im really worried. the only thing that i can do now is wait and pray.
  11. by   rags
    My fingers are crossed for you! Be sure to let us know when you get your results.

  12. by   patsyNJ2006
    Good Luck!!!

    I'll be in your shoes in about three weeks......
  13. by   lvnsOOn...
    i just took nclex pn today..01-16-17...i feel like i didn't do good on the test...my computer stop @ 187 & i had about 20 meds question...i feel like i just guess most of my answer...& now i have to wait 2 -3 weeks for the result ...until now i feel like am gonna throw up !!!God i hope i pass>>