Took NCLEX-RN 8/8 HELP!!!

  1. Hi. I am new to this system. Thank God for it!! I took my test yesterday and had the most horrible experience! First of all I want to say that I studied so hard for the test. I was an excellent student, making only one C in nursing school. A couple of my friends took their test and passed with 75-100 questions. Me?? I had all 265 questions!! What is wrong with this picture? I am freaking out right now. I feel completely lifeless. Not to mention totally drained from the whole experience yesterday. I took my test at Pearson, had a late appointment in the day, and was the last person out of the testing center. One of the things that makes me so upset is the fact that after my friends took their test, the proctor gave them a "thumbs up". Before I got through with my test...(I was on about question 235 I think!), one of the proctors came into the testing room and started closing the place down, making noise, shutting off the computers, etc. The proctor behind me, although she was behind glass, was making a beeping noise. When I FINALLY got through with my test with 15 minutes before cut-off time, the proctor escorted me out and said, "Gosh! They gave you all 265!" At this point I was crying. I GOT NO THUMBS UP!!! I wonder if she knew that I failed. Some say the proctors know, others say they do not! I felt like I should have apologized to the proctors for waiting on me because they practically followed me out of the door to go home. Anyway, if you have read this far thank you! I just needed to vent and tell someone of my experience. I have not even told my friends yet because I am too embarassed. They didn't even know that I was taking my test yesterday!! Does anyone have any advice? My gut is that I failed. I have seen some posts that say that they passed with 265 questions. I have also seen other posts that say that the last question counts the most. I do not even remember what my last question was!!! Any advice or help would be most appreciated!!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I think you're reading too much into the situation. People pass the NCLEX-RN at all numbers between 75 and 265 and you are likely one of them. To me, it sounds like the proctor was in a big hurry to leave and I wouldn't interpret it as a sign that he knew you failed.

    By the way, if there were distracting activities and noises being made by test center staff, Pearson VUE needs to know about that. I would be on looking for their a customer service phone number or email address.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Also, the last question is not make-or-break. There were 265 of them, so to make one more important than any other wouldn't make any sense. Some of the questions aren't even scored.
  5. by   Tweety
    Sounds like a dreadful experience. Then again, those unfortunate to get 265 universally report similar feelings of stress, tears and failure. All you can do is wait.

    I agree with Eric. You should make a formal complaint about the proctors behavior. The "thumbs up" they gave the other people was probably just a "congratulations, you're done with the test", not a "I'm just letting you know that you've passed" thumbs up. Don't read too much into that.
  6. by   ADNgrad2006
    Thanks to you Eric and Tweety! I cannot help but freak out!! I am driving myself crazzzzzy by doing nothing by just sitting around waiting!! However, your advice and knowlege was somewhat excuse me while I
  7. by   suzy253
    I know the feeling very well having just lived through it myself. I took the NCLEX RN on 7/31 and all my grad-buddies who had taken it so far all passed with most of them stopping at 75...a couple into 100's. Here I go, past 75, past 85, into the 100's, on and on and sure enough I get all 265 questions. after answering so many questions, I couldn't even think straight. It's a lot of questions and stresses you out to the max. That was on a Monday--on Friday I found out that I passed. So hang in there...I know the waiting is the worst part. You're not alone!!!
  8. by   ADNgrad2006
    Thanks! It is "nice" to hear from someone who has had a similar situation such as mine. Did your test feel like a roller coaster of questions, some of which you knew nothing about?
  9. by   suzy253
    Absolutely! What a ride! Some questions I was totally stumped, like 'huh?'. Others I felt pretty good about. Honestly, I don't even remember many of the questions other than I did have a lot of delegation. My head was spinning--I took about 3 breaks and each time I went back to the computer I kept waiting and waiting for it to turn off only to get yet another question--all the way to 265. I became so anxious that I felt I was not doing well at all and was convinced I didn't pass.
    Hang in there!!!
  10. by   ADNgrad2006
    UPDATE: I guess I did overreact...because I passed!!!! Thanks to everyone who responded, and for their support!! I guess once again I am living proof that one CAN get 265 questions and pass!!! : )
  11. by   suzy253
    Quote from ADNgrad2006
    UPDATE: I guess I did overreact...because I passed!!!! Thanks to everyone who responded, and for their support!! I guess once again I am living proof that one CAN get 265 questions and pass!!! : )
    Heartfelt congratulations! So glad to hear this. I was wondering how you were doing. Guess you're doing fine now, RN!!!
  12. by   suebird3
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  13. by   willdgate
    The proctors do not know the results, even though they were rude. People pass will all different types of numbers