To those who have taken Kaplan for NCLEX

  1. I'm curious about Kaplan. At my school, we are really pushed to take Kaplan but frankly, I don't have the hundreds of dollars it costs.

    My question is: what is Kaplan like? I've seen the question trainers online. We have a paid tutor who works for the school and Kaplan and she taught us the strategies. I know they have a question bank. What more is there to Kaplan?

    What else does this high dollar course consist of?
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  3. by   Pneumothorax
    Curious too. I signed up for Kaplan bc I hear
    Really good review on it. However, my school also has a review that they say is content based. Either way I'd like to know what I'm
    In for
  4. by   Jennifer0512
    It really depends on your study style. I took Kaplan and was glad I did because I was confident about the content, but have a lot of nerves surrounding test taking, so I wanted to know the test inside and out. Kaplan teaches you HOW to take the test and goes over a little content (it provides you with online resources to go over content on your own time if you wish), but not much in class and then provides you with lots of questions. I like the $$ back guarantee too...if you do everything they ask of you and you don't pass the NCLEX then you will get that money back.

    If you already learned the strategies though, I wouldn't buy the expensive course. You can get LOTS of other resources for cheaper that will provide you with the question bank, and you can review your notes and books if you need to review content. Good luck on the exam!
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  6. by   MaryDeeLVN
    Kaplan review online also has a bunchhhh of videos on everything you need to know for Nclex...
    There are 1000 questions and 15 question subject quizes which all are a lot like the nclex
    my review came with my tuition because i graduated from kaplan

    God bless and Good luck

  7. by   locolorenzo22
    meh, I didn't really consider it a big deal, 2 days of answering questions in a group, and it basically boiled down to do you assess or intervene. I took it because my employer reinbursed us on our first paychecks. if I had to pay for it out of pocket, i'd probably pass. but I'm a good test taker, took NCLEX in 35 minutes.
  8. by   n_cole12
    does anyone know the website for kaplan? I cant seem to find it
  9. by   boylibra2003
    Quote from n_cole12
    does anyone know the website for kaplan? I cant seem to find it
    NCLEX-RN Review - Classroom Anywhere | Kaplan Test Prep
  10. by   healthcare4life
    To be honest, you don't need the class. You'll just waste a lot of money. The only thing you need is the Kaplan NCLEX-RN book and it pretty much goes over the test taking strategies that they go over in class (book has little content though).