thank God

  1. Hello all, wanted to inform everyone that after taking state boards a total of 2 times without suzanne, and the 3rd with suzanne, I have finally passed my exam I am offically an RN.:spin: Suzanne, I've realized that you have a very busy life outside of us, but I'm one whom greatly appreciated the study guide that was given during your free time, that along with prayers allowed me to pass. To the forum, this plan works and makes sense if you haven't tried this I highly recommend. I was one that tried Kaplan, and everything else but this is what help me to pass. It allowed me to focus on my weakness, and enhance my strong areas. Suzanne my hat is off to you .Thank you Thank you Thank you God bless and stay prayful for those whose time is near.
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    :studyowl: :smiley_aa
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    :hatparty: :smiley_aa
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    Gosh............CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How i wish i cud also make it this third time around using SUZANNE'S plan.
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    Congratulations, I know Suzanne is very proud of who she helps, God bless.
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    Congratulations to n2people! I'm really glad that Suzanne's program worked for you.

    Also, hats off to Suzanne4 for providing this plan. I hope it's around when I take the NCLEX!