Testing in 2 weeks ~ all advice for preparation appreciated!

  1. Hi All,

    My (possibly) future job as an RN resident requires I be licensed as an RN by Jan 21st. So I am scheduled for the NLCEX on Jan. 15th!! However I graduated mid-late December and I had to move back home, across the country which took up a week and a half. Given the holidays, I didn't get started on studying till Dec. 26th. As an RN BSN student I excelled in nursing school, but at this point I have forgotten some of the key med/surg I and Fundamentals basics. And OB & Peds developmental stages is a weak point of mine. I did score 92% and 95% on two exit HESI exams I took. So I feel at this point, the NCLEX could go either way for me.

    I am wondering with the following resources, if anyone has advice or a good study plan. Right now I'm getting really panicked and overwhelmed by everything. I have
    -Kaplan On Demand: (I have completed QT 1 with 67%, 2 Q Bank tests with 64, and 70, and Diagnostic Test with 70%). However I admit I did look a couple things up cause Kaplan emailed me and said with my short amount of time to prepare, its okay to just look it up.

    -Saunders Yellow Book - Comprehensive Review: I know I need to review much of this book, its just so overwhelming. I took a 100 question test on the Saunders CD and scored 81. I have reviewed the first 8 chapters.

    -LaCharity Priortization, Delegation etc: Did a Chapter out of there and did very well.

    -Davis NCLEX RN Success: Its a great book but its enormous and I don't know if I have time for it.

    So I'm trying to calm down and set a good study plan in the time I have left. Its very hard to focus cause I'm used to studying in my own place, with peace and quiet but my family is disruptive. Does anyone have any advice on how best to use my time in these remaining 2 weeks? If anyone is in a similar situation, I would love to support each other in these last few weeks. Thanks all in advance for your advice!
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  3. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    Any thoughts?
  4. by   EMEddie
    I tried to PM you but it didnt go through, send me an email to edduardo7@gmail.com
  5. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    Sent you an email! I just completed Q Trainer 2 and scored 74%, but I did have to look up about 5 things - I'm happy to say that most of the time though my initial inclination was correct though!
  6. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    Do you feel Saunders would be better for content review or the Kaplan lecture videos? I'm listening to the Meds video and can't believe she skipped Glucophage!
  7. by   EMEddie
    I actually dont have Kaplan, I took HURST last week and am going through their videos which are real good and entertaining. That is awesome you are doing well on Kaplan Q Trainers =)
  8. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    Thank you I wish I had time for a full review - I'm trying to do questions and review with the short time I have left. Idk...honestly sometimes I look a few questions up with Kaplan cause I don't have time to review, so I might be failing for all I know.
  9. by   Dubs2012
    Try a test without looking up answers one day because on NCLEX you won't be able to look things up and you are not penalized for guessing just use process of elimination ABC's Maslows and think what will kill the patient first try that just to see where you really stand on a Q trainerI have looked up some information before too I'm not going to lie but the more you know where you stand the better and if you take a test without looking things up and get a high score you feel that more confident. I tried it once and got a 72% on a 50 question Qbank from Kaplan. Hope that helps =)

    I take my NCLEX on the 15th as well in FL so nervous just hope all this studying pays off lol
  10. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    Thank you, I should do that. There is no point in lying to myself I suppose. Gosh I just have so much anxiety over this thing Probably doesn't help that I have reviewed enough.
  11. by   all517
    Quote from Maria L, BSN
    Thank you, I should do that. There is no point in lying to myself I suppose. Gosh I just have so much anxiety over this thing Probably doesn't help that I have reviewed enough.
    I'm also taking it Jan 14 and just graduated this December... We should make a study plan together :-)
  12. by   crazy4disneyrn
    I agree that you should test WITHOUT looking things up.....how can you be sure of your true knowledge and test taking ability if you look up the answers? I would take note of what you miss and look them up later for clarification rather then during your testing time.
  13. by   LadyFree28
    Take the practice tests WITHOUT looking it up. If you score between 60-70%, you are ready for the test. Now that is about to be January 1st. Take this time until the 5-7th to go over the rationales on what you got wrong on the practice tests. From 7th to the 11th, go through the practice tests as a time trial to see how you can endure through the exam. Between 11th and 14th, you can choose to study lightly, if you are one who studies down to the wire. Take care of yourself before during, and after the test. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!
  14. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    Quote from all517
    I'm also taking it Jan 14 and just graduated this December... We should make a study plan together :-)
    I agree! Are you doing Kaplan? I did my Question Trainer 3 this morning - I got 73% and only probably checked about 4 questions while doing that test (reviewing how to do Nagel's Rule etc.). I'm not a total fan of Kaplan honestly - I wonder if its making me over think things and go so far out of left field in an effort to make conjectures to answer these questions. But it seems to have a great track record with people passing so I'm sticking with it. I'm also doing Saunders Yellow Book. Today I watched the videos on Pharmacology and Reduction of Risk - Review of Class Questions (took a good two hours!) but I liked going through the questions with guidance to work on my thinking. This evening I'm going to review my weak spots of OB and Peds in the Saunders book.

    Going forth, for the remainder of this week, I'm thinking of resolving to do either one Kaplan Question Trainer or 2 Q Banks a day *and* 100 question Saunder's tests a day and review at least 4 chapters of Saunders/day. What do you think of this and what are your plans?

    Happy New Year! May it bring us a passing NCLEX on the first try!