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  1. YES YES YES. Yes. Make a table of contents for the front. Catch my theme :-D I also added a nice inservice I did for my practicum unit and a lengthy concept map.
  2. all517

    GI Bleed/BiPap

    I could see rationale behind avoiding bipap... I'm thinking of terms of a pressure gradient... The force and pressure from bipap is more diffuse rather than the narrow area of an ET tube. The forced air of bipap could sneak down the esophagus compared to a secure ET tube, putting added pressure on the varices. But then again I don't know how unstable she was/how she was oxygenating/if she had a blakemore
  3. all517

    Calling all new grads/new to the ICU starting Feb. 2013!!!!

    I'm a recent BSN grad starting in the Neuroscience ICU. Excited to start my dream career, glad I found this thread!
  4. You can pass or fail at any number of questions between 75- 265. Don't think too much into it!
  5. all517

    Young new grad relocating to Baltimore

    Hi bcandygurl, I actually signed on a place in Federal Hill today! Thanks all for the advice!
  6. all517

    Not sure which way to go...

    Definitely Kaplan.
  7. all517

    NCLEX in 20 days!!! (January 15, 2013)

    I finished my test at 11am and checked around 2pm! My friend took me out to lunch for a margarita LOL
  8. all517

    Testing in 2 weeks ~ all advice for preparation appreciated!

    Hope yall did great today! Got my official results today, I'm a RN!
  9. all517

    NCLEX in 20 days!!! (January 15, 2013)

    You passed!! I got my official results today! Congrats fellow RN!!!
  10. all517

    ICU interview

    Congrats! When I shadowed/interviewed, I sent a follow up email that same afternoon. She got back to me the next day!
  11. all517

    NCLEX in 20 days!!! (January 15, 2013)

    Don't freak out, that is truly my most valuable piece of advice! I know it is easy to say, especially when you're on the other side, but I felt the questions required a clear mind and a step by step thinking process; it is not simply an abnormal lab value, what would you worry about.. I wish I could rewind and NOT study (lol) because you must have the mindset that you've got this exam. In the beginning all the facts I had studied in the past few weeks were swirling around my mind and I was reading too much into the question. Take your time on each question, think through EVERY option because very rarely will it be blatantly obvious to you the right answer. Go with your gut what will be the SAFEST and what is to be EXPECTED.. don't get jazzed up by a s/s just because it's dramatic. I'll be honest, I cried all the way home, I was convinced I'd failed (Nothing official yet, just the good pop up, so I shouldn't be too sure of myself I guess! ). But take your time, do your best, and have faith in your school program that they have prepared you well, because they have. Deep down, somewhere inside your brain, you know what the *best* answer is. Whatever you do, don't study the night before! You all have got this!
  12. all517

    NCLEX in 20 days!!! (January 15, 2013)

    Well, took it today! It was nothing like I expected. Cut off at 75 questions & I got the good pop up so I'm PRAYING that means I passed!!!
  13. all517

    Nclex tomorrow 1/14

    Well, took mine at 8am today, cut off at 75, and just did the pop up trick... got the good one! Praying I will find out good results tomorrow! I took about 3 hours just because I was being SUPER careful on each one lol. I'm hoping this torture is OVER!!! Good luck to everyone who takes it soon!
  14. all517

    Nclex tomorrow 1/14

    I'm also taking it tomorrow! AH! But we have got this, we know more than we credit ourselves, and we will be RNs by the end if the day :)
  15. all517

    NCLEX in 20 days!!! (January 15, 2013)

    Congrats Katielady!!! Thank you sooo much for describing your experience, it makes me feel a lot better you think Kaplan is somewhat harder than the NCLEX! I'm so envious of you, I test Monday eeeeeek
  16. all517

    MD Hourly Wage - Information is Power

    1. $28.80 (salaried. Includes diff) 2. JHH 3. ICU 4. New graduate BSN

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