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  1. I need your recommendation, didn't pass the first time, now I wanna try my luck the 2nd time around...which of the following review program do you think can help me pass? :

    Rachell Allen

    I appreciate your help.
    Thank you so much!

    (I just purchased a review book Saunders 7th edition. And I have La Charity)
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  4. by   DFWRNStudent
    I'm sorry to hear about your not passing the NCLEX on the first try. Please don't let that discourage you from annihilating it on your 2nd and last try! You can do it!

    I graduated with my BSN on June 26, 2017, from WGU and took my NCLEX July 13, 2017. Our school used the ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor and I scored with a 96% likely hood of passing NCLEX on the first try. I spent many daylight hours at the library. And I'm glad to say I have officially PASSED according to the Pearson Vue trick and the QuickResults! My computer stopped at 75 questions, but I was given the survey at the end of my test. I felt so bad that I didn't want to stay there anymore, but didn't get the test complete until the survey was complete! I hated every minute of the survey. The majority of my test was SATA and priority questions. About two weeks of intense studying. My first 3-4 days were spent doing the Hurst Review online that my school paid for. Hurst is great for content review, but be warned it's a crash course. Recommended study is 8 hours a day for 3 days. Be sure to print off the worksheets that come with Hurst. It's also good to have the completed worksheets to study the day or two before taking NCELX. Second, I used the Kaplan NCLEX-RN Premier book and completed that book along with it's included online content in 3 days! I sort of liked this book because it had 2 practice tests with over 250 questions each along with access to an online NCELX simulator. Thirdly, I used the Saunders NCLEX-RN 7th edition and spent 4 days reviewing that book. The content in the Saunders book was very thorough and concise. Lastly, I used the ATI RN mentor app that's free and did TONS of practice questions the week leading up to my NCLEX test.

    My advice which worked for me: STUDY and PRACTICE QUESTIONS!

    I wish you the best of LUCK!
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  5. by   NurseLife88
    I give a lot of credit to hurst for helping me pass first time 75 questions after such a long gap between nursing school and boards (several years to be precise). So I may be partial but I personally recommend Hurst. It worked wonders and is amazing at helping with the nursing thought process and prioritization. Also does a great content review and does not focus on just answering questions like some other reviews. Good luck and remember many great nurses have failed NCLEX, gone on to pass and have great careers. Sending good vibes your way that you will and can be one of those success stories!

    On a side note if your school uses ATI take full advantage because they also do a great job when it comes to review.
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    I used Hurst and UWorld to study for NCLEX and feel that Uworld was the better of the two. NCLEX questions were most like UWorld. I passed on my first try with 75 questions.
  7. by   Charm1981
    Thank you so much! It's actually ok because I anticipated it cuz days before i took the exam I got really sick with high fever for two days and positive strep 8 days before the exam, so my doctor prescribed antibiotics for 5 days. The infection is gone but i did not have enough rest and sleep cuz I still studied the day before the exam. I anticipated I wont pass but still kept going. Hopefully on my 2nd try i wont get sick and will have more time to study and more focused. Thank you for the suggestions and for wishing me luck! Hopefully this time I will pass. God bless you and congrats on your success!
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    I would recommend Uworld all the way. That is the only thing I used and it helped. I see a lot of comments mentioning hurst so maybe a combo of uworld and hurst?
  9. by   ItsYourJourney
    I used the Kaplan qbank, NCLEX mastery app and YouTube to brush up on content. Passed in 75. Kaplan prepared me well, but I hear that uworld has better rationales for their questions.

    Regardless of what you use, read thoroughly through the rationales because that's where the learning happens. Best of luck to you.
  10. by   niorock
    For content I recommend HURST and Uworld for questions..that is a lethal combination to demolish the nclex
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    Thank you so much for the good vibes...i really need that now. God bless you!
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    Thank you!
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    I found success with using Kaplan for test practice and remediation, in addition to using hurst review for content - their videos are fantastic for visual learners. Good luck!
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    I just recently found out that I passed NCLEX on my first try in 75 questions, still can't believe it! I owe everything to UWORLD. I actually thought I failed because of how easy I found the questions on the actual exam. You just have to review all the rationales and do as many questions as you can without overwhelming yourself. You can and will pass!