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  1. ThrowAway_Account

    My July 2017 NCLEX

    Hello, I have not been in a while and I am unsure what you are talking about. Please let me know.
  2. ThrowAway_Account

    NP in Michigan. Info needed ASAP.

    Hello, I am currently in my doctoral program of nurse practitioner at Wayne State. I cannot speak for masters degree but getting admitted to my DNP program was a joke. I just graduated nursing school in May and they let me in (probably cause I went to Wayne State for my BSN). No worries about being admitted at Wayne, as long as you have money, they will take you in. Also, there is quite a few Canadian students in class with me as well. Just be aware of all the information they teach that is completely useless and a waste of money. . Second semester in and I feel like I am becoming dumber. I hope I can stand this bs for the next few semesters. If you need anything, let me know.
  3. ThrowAway_Account

    My July 2017 NCLEX

    Congratulations! Good luck!
  4. ThrowAway_Account

    My July 2017 NCLEX

    Correct, the research questions do NOT count toward your Nclex score. No worries.
  5. ThrowAway_Account

    My July 2017 NCLEX

    Hello, They basically asked different style of questions which were not asked during Nclex. You have your typical questions like SATA, multiple choice , picture hot spots, and in order questions. Now these questions were more complicated and if they decided to use them, nursing schools will need to switch up their questions and help prepare for these questions.
  6. ThrowAway_Account

    Feeling discouraged..Taking NCLEX next week.

    Remember, those are only numbers. I did UWorld and had 58% of the questions right while I see people who had 65-70% correct. I felt down but eventually realized it is not about the numbers but more so reading the rationales and understanding the question. Good luck!
  7. ThrowAway_Account

    My July 2017 NCLEX

    Hello, I am sorry to hear that you have failed. I am glad to see that even after you failed, you are trying right back to pass. That is great trait to have! I hope you pass this NCLEX so you can become a RN and continue your NP program. You will like Uworld, it is super easy to use and helpful rationales. I don't have any helpful tips next to use Uworld though. To me, I sort of felt the NCLEX was a luck based thing hoping you would get questions that you would be able to answer. Please keep us updated on your results!
  8. I pretty much just studied lectures and never used the books unless I had to cite something. I will be honest and say some classes I just studied the night before and ended up doing pretty good overall. RegisteredNurseRN on youtube was pretty good - I would suggest. Khan academy was pretty good. I personally thought nursing school was easy for the most until you do group projects with people who do not want to do work or always finish their part of the assignment late. To me, that was the hardest part of school but just stay on a consistent schedule with studying and you should be fine. Also NurseMendoza had a great video about ABGs which helped me a lot of all the videos on ABGs.
  9. ThrowAway_Account

    July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Go in broke, come out rich.
  10. ThrowAway_Account

    Inappropriate CNA behavior?

    Wow, if everything you said was real with no over exaggeration - Please do us a favor and tell your instructor. The few bad CNAs will make the ENTIRE place look bad. Maybe have your instructor wait outside the door listening in secretly while the CNA is in the room bad mouthing the residents so she can personally see. Sort of like a stake out . I would suggest the best thing for you is to tell your instructor in private because no one should be treated like that.
  11. ThrowAway_Account

    RN Grad starting pay at St. John Macomb

    Hello, I was paid 18.44 as a nurse tech at st john macomb - now I will be an actual RN and the pay is close to 28$. At Henry Ford Detroit for a new grad rn, it is 27.25.
  12. ThrowAway_Account

    Wayne State University School of Nursing

    Hello, I went to Wayne State University from 2014-2017 in the traditional program. I did all my pre reqs at Wayne State so I might not be helplful for your situation. When I applied, I had a 4.0 in all the pre-reqs like A and P and micro and whatever else there was. I had no volunteer work on my resume. I applied and I got in. The main thing they looked at when I applied was good grades for the pre reqs for the nursing school. From what I was told, they barely looked at volunteer work. Also, there is no interview (I am not too sure if it changed) so pretty much submit your application and that was it. From talking to my friends who were transfer students, they had OK grades and still got in. I would say apply there because a retake is not that bad. I wish you luck and it is a somewhat difficult program but as long as you keep a studying schedule, it is not bad at all.
  13. ThrowAway_Account

    Failed my NCLEX

    Hello, Sorry to hear that you failed. I would suggest you use UWorld. It was pretty helpful for me in understanding rationales. I heard a lot of things of Kaplan not being helpful but also I heard it being helpful in some people. I have not really heard a bad thing about UWorld and all my friends have used it and passed the NCLEX. I also do suggest NCLEX RN mastery app (and I think I heard they have it online in a website now), I tried it and it helped but not as much as UWorld. Also, for the people who keep asking, I would just tell them that you took it and failed but plan on taking it ASAP. Maybe you can just say the study materials you had were not efficient in helping with the NCLEX. I hope the best for you!
  14. LMAO Yeah, as a guy, some of my friends make fun of me and joke around (nothing too bad since we are good friends) but then I think of the pathways made in life and know that I settled for a good career with stability and decent pay. I am more mature than to be down and sad on what people have to say about me. I have a friend who said only women should be in nursing and I laughed but I did not say anything to defend myself because he works as a delivery driver at Hungry Howie's for the past few years and has no education (we are the same age) and I know I could have dissed him back but I decided to spare him :) .
  15. ThrowAway_Account

    nclex on stopped at 85 freaking out!!!!

    I am hoping the best for you to pass. 85 questions can either mean you did really well so they stopped or they stopped because you did bad. It does not matter if you made an error on the last question, as long as you are above passing, you will pass. Anyways, I hope you passed!