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I take the NCLEX Thursday and am getting nervous. My problem is that I am getting ~68-72% on the NCLEX3000 CD ROM tests. I feel like I should be doing better! I got pretty good grades and took... Read More

  1. by   RNIAM
    There is a level that you must meet in order to practice safely. This level is the unknown factor. No one knows at what level you are deemed safe with the exception of the BON. You must meet that level in order to be licensed. In my class so far several people have passed with 75, one passed answering 260, one passed at 100,and one at 130. This means the numbers don't count. You can pass at any number of questions as long as you meet the minimum passing requirements.
  2. by   free_bird
    Quote from newgrad04
    68 - 72 on the NCLEX 3000? You'll be fine! I never made it past 65-68 on both the Kaplan Question Trainer and the NCLEX3000 and I just found out today - I PASSED!!!!!! Took my test last Friday, and I passed with only 75 questions. So, don't worry too much, sit back and relax. You'll be fine!!!

    I'm taking the test tomorrow and this seems to be my problem. Sometimes, I will score higher than 70 but for some reason lately I've been scoring around 65. I'm so scared...
  3. by   1MOM2RN
    freebird, when i was preparing to take the hesi exam for school (required to make an 850 or greater to pass med/surg ii), i was getting all 50s & 60s on my practice tests, so i went into the test expecting to be taking it at least a 2nd time, and i passed with a 940. so i think those results on practice tests are about right. just make sure you're reading the rationale for the ones you get wrong. you're learning as you go.