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  1. Wheaties

    RN Correctional Facility Exam Rank

    I currently work in a hospital doing bedside nursing. I do notice we are sometimes short staffed. But there are also more nursing schools now compared to a decade ago just in my area. Used to be only 2-3 nursing schools where I live. Now that’s ballooned to maybe 7-8. But even then, it just seems like it’s hard to find nursing jobs especially for new grads. Yes there’s a shortage but seems like not enough job openings. I don’t know I’d like to give corrections a try. How common is it for nurses in the California state prison to get laid off or be part of the job cut? i would love to apply but I fear that in the next recession, my job will be axed coz of the state budget if I do manage to get in.
  2. Wheaties

    Refresher or NCLEX Prep?

    A nurse refresher course will be the better option. But I highly suggest doing the RN refresher course with a lecture and clinical component, because that will count for a lot.
  3. Wheaties

    So what's going to happen to health care now?

    So what will it take for the USA to have some sort of national health coverage to all citizens just like in canada, United, most western European countries, nordic european countries just as an example? what's keeping the USA from doing it? it would surely be beneficial. i dont know much about the politics of it all and why the USA, one of the richest countries developed countries in the world, doesn't have it.
  4. Wheaties

    NG Tube how to measure?

    i went back to my old nursing skills checklist, it says measure up to the xiphoid process. but it's interesting. i googled it, and i figure i'd post about it here. any students here should ask the teacher though for clarification just like the above post suggested, and tell me your findings.
  5. Wheaties

    NG Tube how to measure?

    Okay, I'm a little conflicted. 1) Measuring NGT from the tip of the nose, to the earlobe to the end of the xiphoid process 2) Measuring NGT from the tip of the nose, to the earlobe, to the point between/halfway xiphoid process and umblicus (belly button) which is the proper way? i googled it, most said, measure up to the xiphoid process. another said between the xiphoid and bellybutton? which is right?
  6. Wheaties

    Didn't get my job I was really hoping for. Advice?

    Apply to other positions in your area. It's disappointing, but just keep trying. But look into other places. I didn't get a job too coz I'm bad at interviews. My suggestion is to type out the question and answer and practice it out loud. Practicing the answers in your head won't help. I know.
  7. Wheaties

    Contact with blood, need guidance!

    You didn't have any risk whatsoever since your skin was intact. the skin is such an amazing barrier. Base on your description, you are safe. There wasn't anything contagious that you could have caught.
  8. Wheaties

    So what's going to happen to health care now?

    i used to work in the hospital, and the health insurance i had through the hospital was $250/month much more affordable than the what obamacare insurance companies offered through the marketplace. i dont know whats going to happen to be honest. i wish we had England's NHS or Canada's national health insurance. why cant we have that here in the usa?
  9. Wheaties

    Desperate For The NICU

    If you work in Telemetry, see if you can transfer to another department, such as L&D/Maternity/Nursery and work there for a year or 2 and learn as much as you can. Then apply for a NICU position. i've seen NICU hire new grads, but of course its tougher now in todays economy, but thats how I would do it. Telemetry is hard, but L&D maternity would be less demanding
  10. Wheaties

    Can't seem to get a job despite prior RN experience

    Thanks Davey. It's definitely something I might consider, relocating to another state. I live in California, but I live in the rural part of california hundreds of miles away from san francisco and los angeles. the cost of living is definitely much much more affordable here. it's a pretty sizeable area, i've seen hundredes of jobs listed, since we have 3 big hospitals, and another 3 smaller ones in a 20 miles radius but most openings are specialty areas like ICU. But I'll keep trying. I think just posting here in the forum really helps get this off my head. been anxious all week. but i'll contact my former coworkers and see if they can help me out as well. but for now i'll keep applying and just wait for it. not.done.yet- thats what i suspected, because i've seen new nurses who have barely 1 year experience get hired easily. i agree its easier to land a new job if a person is currently employed, especially in nursing.
  11. Wheaties

    Can't seem to get a job despite prior RN experience

    Thanks. My very first job, I landed it because I applied for a student extern position ( I got lucky to be honest, it was hard to land a student nurse extern job). eventually when I graduated, I decided to stay on and I worked there for over 7 years. of course a lot has changed since then. mainly the economy tanking, and the lack of budget I have 5 applications out right now. I was sure I was going to land one of the first 2 that i put out, but apparently not. I sort of expected that being away from work despite the experience was going to bite me in the end. people always say, well you have experience, but to be honest, nowadays, it doesnt matter unless your experience lies in a specialty area like cadiovascular or ICU
  12. I applied for a Pre-Op RN position at a local Surgery center mainly dealing with Outpatient surgery, but sometimes there's patients who stay overnight for observation. I've worked as a RN in a Med-Surg/Tele for over 7 years. I've been out of work for 2 years I've never worked as part of the Surgical department before. Is there anything I should I know or need to know as a pre-op Nurse since all my experience has been mainly on the floor? What about IVs? I know it varies from place to place. I'm not the most experienced IV nurse, my average is only 60%. Will I have to get good at it? any advice and tips is appreciated.
  13. I never fully understand the difficulties of new nurses trying to land a job in a hospital after graduating from nursing school, but now I know. I know it's hard to get a job. I have so much respect for all those nurses who have put in dozens to 20 to 40 applications before landing an RN job. I'm a a nurse with over 7 years experience in the same hospital working med-surg/tele, the same job since I graduated from nursing school. I left my job for 2 years to travel, and now I'm applying again. I applied to 2 places so far in a span of 2 weeks, got an interview. I got a response online saying I wasn't hired. It's kind of discouraging. I'm kind of sad about it. I made sure to apply to in med-surg/tele where my experience lies. At this point, I also applied to 2 more positions, same sort of area, one in the ER, the other is a medical floor. I have an idea why I didn't get hired. I just don't interview well because I get nervous. I even wrote out nearly 10 pages of questions/answers to practice to get better. I even took an online refresher course. Is it because 1) I've been in the same position for 7 years in the same hospital that hospitals look at it as a negative? I've seen my coworkers who leave my department after 1 year and go somewhere else. 2) I've been away from work for 2 years 3)i get nervous when I interview, and english isn't my first language. i try to go into detail but most of my responses are short and simple despite of it. how much does interview count for not getting hired? So yeah, I'm kind of disheartened right now, of course I'm not giving up. I'm going to try and do better in interviews, I'm going to keep reviewing the nurse refresher course. What else can I do, any advice and help is appreciated.
  14. I always thought working for state or federal that the retirement pension income is pretty good compared to the private sector which is nonexistent. I don't even work in a union hospital, so right now I don't get good retirement benefits other than the money I put away in my 401k. all I know is that you have plenty for retirement. Quit stressing out. I've seen people live a happy life for so much less or hardly any money at all. Money is relative. I completely understand the idea "you can never have enough money" but trust me, you got plenty I plan to become an expat in my mid-50s. and just live in Bali or Southeast Asia where my money will go a long way.
  15. Just a quick question. I'm a floor RN.do most patients have some sort of central line access (picc, medport) when giving chemo medications in a mixed medsurg/oncology floor? I'm not an oncology nurse, but I just want to know. My IV skills aren't that great, I'm just average. I would be pretty nervous giving chemo drugs to a regular IV line considering the IV may go bad and cause damage to the skin. what is the protocol usually?
  16. Hi, been a nurse for over 5 years. Been off work for nearly 18 months. worked in mixed med-surg/tele unit. There's a med-surg & oncology unit (combined) position. i don't know anything about med-surg/oncology, is there anything I should know as far as the workflow of taking care of oncology patients? i'm thinking i would have to administer chemo meds of which I don't know anything about. can someone enlighten me

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