Please Help-Failed 2x in NCLEX

  1. Am a Phil. Nurse Grad. Its my 2nd try for NCLEX but still did not pass. Am preparing for my 3rd try (California NCLEX). Please i need your advices.Am so down and low i dont know where to start. How many times can I take the nclex in california? Do I have to apply to other states? Can I apply now to other states so as not to loose time? Im in a panic! Please help!
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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    I would suggest using Suzanne's Plan. She has a 6 week study plan using Saunder's Comprehensive Review book. She is the co-moderator of this forum (Suzanne4) She has a very high passing rate, especially for international students and people who have retaken it several times. You should PM her for more information. Good luck.
  4. by   nimmo
    Hi, one week ago i was in the same position you are in. I would advise you to stay calm, and believe in yourself you can do it. I did the suzanne review plan and used the Kaplan question trainer. I did fail twice and it's not because you dont know, but it is how you review your content. I found suzannes plan the first study tip to be really helpful. This is because you cover every chapter of the content you studied in school without assuming that you remember when you really don't. I had reviewed the cd questions prior to my first and second attempt so sometimes i would do questions from other areas. I also did the kaplan question trainer which was really helpful in answering critical thinking questions. For any areas you thought you did not feel comfortable while answering the nclex, try to go through that area very well. In my case i had realized in my first and second attempt i did not feel comfortable answering precaution qs, triage and what task should be delegated to who and why. You will pass, just trust in yourself. Goodluck.
  5. by   Botsok1201
    Hi, just take it slowly, try to take off "nclex" in your mind for a while bec it will not help... Give yourself time to relax. For me, this is the best time to ask for SPIRITUAL guidance..Don't think of anything yet, not even what other people around you will think, not even the money you've spent for the nclex.These will not help you..... Give yourself time to grieve..

    For me, (i'm a 2nd nclex re-taker) i took the NY state boards. It was difficult.. like other candidates had said.. I reapplied also in NY BUT i made sure i tried a different strategy in preparing for the nclex the 2nd time.. Retaking the nclex is never easy, and preparing for it again is so difficult.. But you must never loose that "confidence" because you've seen the nclex!

    I think retaking it in any other states is just the same as retaking California nclex.. While waiting for 3 months (91 days in calif), use these months wisely and focus on the review so as not to waste time..Don't use more than 2 books. The more it will confuse you.. Saunders and Kaplan are good books. These books will really help you discover your areas of weakness..

    Goodluck! and don't give up! Your time will soon come.. Looking forward to reading you posts again..
  6. by   rafRN
    hi! don't loose hope.We have the same experience.I also failed twice and now i'm using suzanne's plan.I also used several books before (name it)but now i realized that it won't help.It'll just confused you!

    Now, i'm concentrating with just using only the saunders book.Even if i'm done reading it before,it's really a big help and a great encouragement knowing that ur following a certain plan and the proper way or technique of using the book w/c was one of my mistakes before.

    So give it a try suzanne's plan and keep on praying.Everything will come in HIS time.goodluck to u!!!!!!!
  7. by   mp8dragon
    thanks to all your replies. Am just so confused what i did wrong in my study plan. And now i have to start again. I have limited resources already. Will do the suzanne study plan. Hope and pray its ok. Am planning to retake in January. But my california application ends in march do i need to re-register again? thanks
  8. by   RNKay31
    Kaplan is a very good investment
  9. by   suzanne4
    Just to clear up a few misconceptions:

    There is no such thing as a CA NCLEX exam, or a NY NCLEX exam, or an Illinois NCLEX exam, or even state boards for that matter.

    NCLEX is a national exam, no matter which state that you write it for, or your location in the world when you write it, you will be getting the same exam. It is 100% CAT exam, which means that questions are given to you based on how you answered the previous questions. When you take and pass that one exam, that score will go with you to which ever state that you want to work in. You never have to take it again.

    So going to take it for another state, will not make any difference to you in the exam that you will get.
  10. by   gRacie_307
    well said, suzanne!! anyways, mp8dragon, i absolutely advice you to follow suzanne's program!! i used it too, in preparing for my nclex - rn!! i tell you, it greatly helped!!!

    by the way, like you i applied in ca bon & i passed the 1st time.... plus, do pray, pray & ask for god's intervention - it's very important!!! study as if you're praying & pray as if you're studying!!

    during the "exam" - do focus, be calm, learn to eliminate & attack the questions plus don't over - rationalize!!! ciao!!! good luck & god bless!!!
  11. by   mp8dragon
    Thank you for all your advices. And thank you for clearing things that i got confused about. But i have another question, my application registration ends in March2007. Do i have to re-register again? How many times can i take nclex? Since this is my 3rd take, will the 3rd be the last time? Because people i asked here say that its only upto 3 takes only.It's confusing , since ive read its not so. its getting me nervous more.
  12. by   augigi
    If your application (do you mean Pearson or to the board of nursing?) ends, then you'll have to apply and pay again. The number of times you can take the exam (or the wait time between tests) depends on the state. Ask the board that you've applied to for their rules.
  13. by   rafRN
    I also asked that question before in another forum and somebody says that you can take the NCLEX for as many times as u want.I dont know if it's reliable.We have the same case coz' it's also my 3rd time.
  14. by   DolphinRN84
    Depends what state you want to apply for. Each state board varies, so you may want to check that out. All the best to you.