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Botsok1201 has 15 years experience and specializes in Medical/Surgical ICU; CCU; CV.

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  1. Botsok1201

    Hi All passed 2nd time using Kaplan!

    Same here, Kaplan for me on my 2nd try...Congratulations for all of us who got depressed and yet stood up to face the nclex again! And for those who are still having doubts to whether or not retake the test, GO for it!!!!
  2. Botsok1201


    ..and by the way, with kaplan, you'll do just fine...stay focused....
  3. Botsok1201


    Well, since your exam will be on monday already, by this time, you should be slowing down already and as they've posted, try to relax. You should begin organizing your papers by now for the the day of the exam---- ATT, 2 ID's to show with similar names as in your passport, etc. And don't forget to bring a jacket with no pockets... Goodluck and keep us posted...
  4. Botsok1201

    All Kaplan Users get in here...

    I too, used Kaplan and Medspub when i took the nclex two weeks ago. The computer shut off at 79, and I passed. This was my 2nd take, I did Saunders during my 1st nclex exam and I failed at 85! You see, books which helped others may or may not help you. On my part, Kaplan and Medspub online helped me prepare for my 2nd nclex!
  5. Botsok1201

    Just took my boards for the 2nd time....

    So sorry to ever hear that.. Dont worry, you'll soon have your time.. Perhaps HE still has some plans for you.. Have some time off and be sure to be back on track once again..
  6. Botsok1201

    Getting ready for the 3rd time ugghh

    goodluck! just relax and stay focused...
  7. Botsok1201

    need tips to memorise pharma

    Hi, passed the nclex just recently... Go visit MEDS Publishing It helped me a lot.. it's all there...the basics....don't waste time going thru the whole thing!
  8. Botsok1201

    Just took the nclex..

    thanks everybody, got the result.. I PASSED!
  9. Botsok1201

    Getting ready for the 3rd time ugghh

    Goodluck... i had mine last saturday.. got the result already...stay focused!
  10. Botsok1201

    I PASSED!!!!! (2nd time re-taker)

    Hi everybody! Just want to share my excitement! The feeling is just tremendous! I PASSED the nclex!!!! I had 79 questions.. Finally, i can sleep!!! For all re-takers, just hang on and focus. It doesn't matter how many times you've taken it.. You'll soon have your time...
  11. Botsok1201

    Please Help-Failed 2x in NCLEX

    Hi, just take it slowly, try to take off "nclex" in your mind for a while bec it will not help... Give yourself time to relax. For me, this is the best time to ask for SPIRITUAL guidance..Don't think of anything yet, not even what other people around you will think, not even the money you've spent for the nclex.These will not help you..... Give yourself time to grieve.. For me, (i'm a 2nd nclex re-taker) i took the NY state boards. It was difficult.. like other candidates had said.. I reapplied also in NY BUT i made sure i tried a different strategy in preparing for the nclex the 2nd time.. Retaking the nclex is never easy, and preparing for it again is so difficult.. But you must never loose that "confidence" because you've seen the nclex! I think retaking it in any other states is just the same as retaking California nclex.. While waiting for 3 months (91 days in calif), use these months wisely and focus on the review so as not to waste time..Don't use more than 2 books. The more it will confuse you.. Saunders and Kaplan are good books. These books will really help you discover your areas of weakness.. Goodluck! and don't give up! Your time will soon come.. Looking forward to reading you posts again..
  12. Botsok1201

    Just took the nclex..

    hi everyone, just sat for the nclex last saturday.. well, i hope i'll pass it.. This is the second time, though i know for a fact that i should not be including the first time i took the exam.. I know i did my very best at that time (that's what i thought!).. but i was not able to overcome the anxiety! i blocked out! the computer shut off at 85.... This time, i really prepared by using Kaplan and Meds publishing online. Though none of the sample questions ever appeared on the actual test, for me, these review materials helped me a lot... I had a lot of prioritization, more of "select-all-that-apply" questions, a lot on medications, computations (gosh!!!) and WOMEN'S HEALTH!!! I have never been assigned to an OB ward before! I've been stuck to the ICU all my life! But i hope and pray i'll make it... God knows i am serious about this exam this time around...By the way, the computer shut off at 79.....
  13. Botsok1201


  14. Botsok1201

    a bit down at the moment

    Hello. Thank you for your advice. Well, I wouldn’t worry much on the hospital where I practiced my specialty because Asian Hospital has helped me a lot, not to mention all the support and experienced we’ve got from some of the marvelous US doctors whose been practicing there. It’s just that I’ve been away from the textbooks for quiet sometime now and having these butterflies on my tummy is really something. I’m not used to these! As I’ve said, I’m doing Saunders 3rd edition and the 2nd ed. textbook. I thought of reviewing Mosby’s and Kaplan also, but after reading your posts, I felt so good knowing I’m on the right track after all. I’ll stick to Saunders. Thank you once again, I hope you door is still open next time. I’ll keep you posted on whatever happens..
  15. Botsok1201

    a bit down at the moment

    Hi.. I am about to leave for hong kong 3 weeks from now to take my nclex. What bothers me is that despite all the reviews and all, i still have this feeling that i'm disorganized and that i'm not prepared. I've been using saunder's comprehensive review cd and kaplan. I only use the book if there are questions regarding OB/pedia for i've never been to these areas:o I'm stuck being an ICU/CCU nurse;) I still have 3 weeks more, any comments on using cds for review, anyone?..gosh...

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