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  1. by   RNwoohoot
    I PASSED!!!!! WOO HOO!!! I'M AN RN!!!!!! So happy!! The pearsonvue trick WORKS!!!
  2. by   hghutton
    So I took my Nclex-PN saturday the 2nd at 8:00am. I have done the PVT and get the good pop up but thought the test was hard. I had alot of Pharm and not that many sata. I didnt have any math and I got 130 questions. I am driving myself crazy because I am afraid I wont get my results until tuesday because of the holiday on monday, does anyone know if it will take longer due to the holiday on monday?
  3. by   Radiohead4
    On the morning of the 1st of July, I found out that I passed!!! I guess the trick was good for me!!
  4. by   missltpm
    I too was a skeptic of the PVT. I had 75 questions and the computer shut off within an hour and a half. I was nervous but I felt good about the test. I came home and after a couple of hours tried the trick. I did recieve the so-called "Good Pop Up". However, i still wanted my true results. I took the test on Friday morning and by Sunday morning my quick results were available. It showed "PASS". Thank God and Jesus. So to all you future nurses, continue to keep God first, have faith, and work hard. May God Bless You All!
  5. by   us12345678910
    i have a question here. is results from the "quick result" ever go wrong.. thank u. can some one reply to this message...
  6. by   Double-Helix
    Quote from us12345678910
    i have a question here. is results from the "quick result" ever go wrong.. thank u. can some one reply to this message...

    The quick results (48 hours after the test) are not wrong. They are the results from your test, not a trick or a "best guess." However, just because your quick results say you passed does not mean that you are licensed because they are not official results. The official results and your license can only be given by your state Board of Nursing after they confirm you have met all of the requirements and they issue you a license number.

    The Pearson VUE trick (where you try to register for another exam and get either a pop-up or the credit card page) is not guaranteed. Pearson VUE never has, and never will, confirm that this trick is accurate. While it is accurate in most cases, there have been a few people who say it does not work for them.
  7. by   kljRN
    Took the test on July 1st, did the PVT about an hour after I got home, got the good pop-up but was still extremely skeptical (seems like everyone usually is). I think I spent a couple hours going through all the PVT threads, trying to find someone that it DIDN'T work for. My test cut off at 75 and I just knew I failed. My state doesn't do quick results, so I had to wait til today (stupid holiday weekend!) to find out, but I PASSED!!! Now, just gotta find a job...
  8. by   margaret1439
    I just wanted to post my experience because I loved reading all the other posts wihle i was waiting. So...I took NCLEX June 30th. It shut off at 75 questions, took me 1 hour and 45 minutes. I had 23 select all that apply and I was sure I failed. I waited one day but finally I couldn't wait any longer and did the PVT. I got "the good pop up" and found out 48 hours after I took the test that I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck to everyone!
  9. by   kyliem
    i passed! yay! i got my letter in the mail exactly 30 days after taking it and am currently working for a dr's office in northern california! this trick really works! good luck all! thanks to everyone for posting. sorry it took so long, training and working was a long process. thanks again!
  10. by   Spydered
    Just sat this morning and the blue screen came up after 75th Q. I couldn't sleep last night, not a single minute. Was grogy taking the test and was thankfull that it stopped at 75...I just tried the PVT trick and it's giving me the good pop up...It's not official but my hopes are up...
  11. by   AViceRN
    I felt this way too, last week- but sure enough it worked. Theure were even two of my classmates who got the credit card page and found out a few days later they did not pass! No reason to get your hopes up! Congrats- you passed!!!
  12. by   John--RN
    Ok silly question... for the PVT do I answer yes or now to have you ever taken the NCLEX exam before. I took my test a few hours ago and I feel like puking.....
  13. by   AViceRN
    Answer yes