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  1. by   cliffordortiz
    Quote from lleoleo
    Good pop-up is "Contact BRN" not "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam", because I had that pup-up like"Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam" and I didn't pass my test.

    Hi ileoleo,

    But they all belong to the 3 sentences.
    You got me worried there !
    coz mine says:

    "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam.Please contact your member board for further assistance.Another registration cannot be made at this time."

    Does that mean I have to be worried ? :.(

    I took my NCLEX - RN last 7th of june and I kept tryin to re register but those 3 sentences keeps appearing everytime I tried
    I am worried sick coz California Board does not participate in quick result so I will have to wait wait and wait.
    It has been 18 days but my name is still not on the California Board of Nursing.

    I'm really really anxious now!

  2. by   cliffordortiz
    Quote from anxiousRN11
    i took nclex june 1st and availed of the PV's quick result which gave me a PASS status and now its been 3 weeks and i'm getting anxious more and more.i do not want to celebrate til i got hold of my official result from my BON. i've been checking their website too but i could not find my name listed,this makes me crazy the more.

    can anyone enlighten me if the quick result is really reliable considering that they keep seaying that it is 'unofficial'?and for illinois examinees,when should i except my result in the mail if i am from the philippines?please help.


    I'm from the Philippines too
    Took the NCLEX - RN here in London last June 7 for California but they don't participate in quick results so they said we have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for the envelope to arrive

    I have been working here in UK for 8 years but I just thought of moving and work in the US
    Let me know if you got ur result coz I keep on re registering at Pearson Vue but the good pop up still appearing everytime I try to re register :/

  3. by   cliffordortiz
    Hi All

    I'm still worried sick coz got the good pop up but its been 18 days and I still my envelope has not arrived yet
    California does not participate in quick results so that means I will have to wait for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks since I am in the UK

    Will post it here whatever the result is coz I've been getting the good pop up and tried to re register for almost 30 times
  4. by   jtk57
    Hi Guys,

    I took the NCLEX (75 questions) on June 21st and tried the "trick" when I got home about 3 hours later. At first I got the pop-up saying that I had an open registration, etc. I checked back a couple hours later and I got the "good" pop-up. 48 hours later my RN license showed up on the SBON for my state. So... just one more instance where the "trick" turned out to work.

    Congratulations to everyone else who passed! Good luck with your careers.

  5. by   MrCAPR
    Congratulation to you and good luck to me. I took mine yesterday in California. Hours later I did the trick and I got the good pop up.. So I am really hoping that I passed!
  6. by   primros
    Hi guys

    I took NCLEX on June 6th '11 & i passed it with all 265 questions
    Got my result via mail after 5 business days.... and through these days of tension PVT trick helped me to stay cool with a good pop up...I believed this would work for me and it did
    Many thanks for everyone who posted their experience about this exam which eased my tensions and helped me stay motivated

    Thanks for the support guys !
  7. by   tamara_
    PVT worked for me..I passed!! LPN!! WOOHOO!
  8. by   WoodworkinLucy
    Quote from Gerry1888RN
    Hi everyone. I have a question about Person-Vue trick. I took my NCLEX yesterday morning, and I was hoping that if I passed, my results would be posted on the BON's website sometime today. However, they were not. I finally decided to try the PV trick to see whether I get the good pop up or not, and I did get the "good pop up." But I thought you had to pay $8.00 or so to do the PV trick, but the website didn't ask for any credit card information. Is it free for everyone else? Or should I try it again. Hope someone can get back to me. Thx
    I took my boards yesterday at 2 pm...(I feel your pain!) the PVT is a "quick check" that can be done without actually paying the $8 for the official/unofficial results. From what I am reading on alot of posts it seems pretty accurate... especially since I too am waiting!!!! The $8 is for PEARSONS quick results, that's after 48 hrs... let me know how you did and I will do the same! GOOD LUCK! Lucy <3
  9. by   WoodworkinLucy
    Quote from Ania1300
    So I read a post that someone had the good PVT but the next day she tried it and it went to the credit card page? Is this true - has anyone else had the PVT trick fail? I just took the test today and of course it sucked but right now I am still getting the good PVT. Please let me know if this changed the following day for anyone?! Thanks
    My PVT stayed the same! ...hope yours goes the same!
  10. by   frankysmith
    Took the NCLEX RN on June 23, 2011. I was really nervous because I got all 265 questions and it took me over 5 hrs to complete. Got home 2 hrs later and did the trick. Got the "good pop up." Next day state BON showed by license number! I passed! I stand by the trick working.
  11. by   darcyinmo
    Ok, taking my LPN boards on Friday, July 1st.....and scared to death! My question: how long after you took the test could you use this trick? Hours, days?????

  12. by   RURN
    Hi everyone. Yes like most people who take the NCLEX RN and can't get their results via quick results, I'm freaking out. Took it yesterday(Saturday) and tried the pearson vue trick and got the "good pop up" saying I should contact my State Board of Nursing. Has the Pearson vue trick come true for anyone who took their NCLEX RN on the weekend(Saturday). And does it work for all states? It sucks that Viginia doesn't do the Quick Results option. Please someone reply and ease my anxiety.

  13. by   Double-Helix
    It works for all states and it works as soon as you receive the "Delivery Successful" notification. The Pearsonvue website is all automated, so it doesn't care when it is the weekend. There is no person working who approves your results or updates the website, so the trick works no matter what day it is.