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  1. MyUserName,RN

    ER: A Family's Emotional Well Being

    Oh My God, Thank you for making me cry like a baby! So touching, and so wonderful that you gave them those last moments together.
  2. MyUserName,RN

    HESI Exit exam, are scores really predictable of passing NCLEX?

    But, you know, every time I took the HESI I always felt like I was guessing and didn't do well. Everything was always so broad and vague...It didn't seem to matter how or what you studied, you never knew what you were gonna get on the HESI. I wonder if NCLEX is the same way?
  3. I'm on a roll today! loL! Anyways, My school had us do HESI exams during every semester and then one big exit exam at the end. They say if you score higher than 850 on HESI you have a good chance of passing the NCLEX. I always did really well on the HESI's and on my exit exam I made a 1140....great. But I'm wondering if it really is a good predictor of passing the NCLEX. I have NCLEX in 2 weeks and am starting to get really nervous.
  4. I have not been studying up until now. We did preceptorship and I was working so it was really hard to find time to start studying for NCLEX, I just registered for my exam and have 2 weeks to study. I have the DVD Hurst review and can watch the videos, but I don't want to waste any time. Should I focus on the content and/or watching the videos or do you think at this time I should just focus on doing questions? I was thinking about doing the NCSBN learning ext to do the questions on there that will give me a score to see how I'm doing. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!!