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  1. by   JenniBeth
    Just be patient and try the PVT trick again! I know its hard but all you can do at this point is wait.
  2. by   germanshep
    Keep trying!!!
  3. by   runswithcrashcart
    Ty!! Just stressed out! when i failed it posted that i have to wait? what is that kind of reasoning??
  4. by   misswhitney
    Quote from patrickstar
    hi guys CONGRATS!!!..I took the NCLEX-RN exam yesterday feb 8, 2011 and Im really nervous right now I got 75 questions. and when I got home I tried the trick just wondering I tried the pearson vue trick and its says there that "the candidate has a test result that are on hold......" I know that's not the good pop up but i have still a chance though this is my 5th time I wish that this time I passed pls pray for me guys..thanks and Godbless goodluck to everyone

    Results were up about 24 hrs after I tested! =) good luck!!
  5. by   marithesa08
    Finish the nclex exam before tricks? or after?
  6. by   Tweetybird41
    Quote from TheLastTime
    Also...tip for FL nurses...the state BON turnaround is only two working days, so no need to waste lunch money on paying Pearsonvue for the quickie results.
    Exactly, no need to pay. I tested Monday and there were no results on PV until wednesday about 0930 and the board released them first, at about the same time. Save your money!
  7. by   roser13
    Wow. Glad you didn't take the NCLEX back in the day. You wouldn't have been able to handle the 6-8 week wait!
  8. by   pbunch*RN
    I took my Nclex yesterday 2/10/11. Got the good popup today 2/11/11. I really hope this is true that I passed the NCLEX RN been severly stressed and can't sleep. I did not see my license on the BON but my GN permit still active. Does tht mean I am okay still? Will keep ya informed, gonna verify quick results in am. If this is true I would like everyone to know will respond back tomorrow.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from runswithcrashcart
    I am a wreck. This is my second attempt at an RN license. I am an LPN who freaked out the first try and took the full 265. I was not prepared and defeated before i walked in the door. This time I was confident, studied like no tomorrow and really walked out of the facility (after about 100 questions) feeling good. I can't do the PVT due to the fact that my results say "ready for delivery". What does that really mean. Pearson vue said they just havent sent them in yet and wait till the end of the day. New license post here at 4....its 325. I'm a wreck and the woman on the phone sounded suspect! I hope I passed I can't take this test again. I was ready for this test this time and am not studying like that again! My neck has a permenent creak in it i think LOL I call it my nclex arthritis!!!! Can anyone ease my mind about this? I would appreciate it!

    My Indian name is.......RUNSWITHCRASHCART! LOL
    because you are asking about the pearsonvue trick merging with existing thread
  10. by   pbunch*RN
    I am happy to announce the PVT works. I passsed, got the good pop up yesterday, found out today that I passed. I'm an RN. YEAAA
  11. by   sunnsand
    Congratulations GNhoping4RN!!!!!

    I just took the NCLEX today and got the good pop-up, hope I'll be celebrating like you in two days!
  12. by   pbunch*RN
    (sunnsand) u have passed CONGRATS!! n ty.
    My friend did the PVT and got the good pop up and she passed today also. She is now an RN so hang in there. Goodluck.
  13. by   roser13