Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2 - page 229

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  1. by   Tweetybird41
    I didn't get anything it says system is being updated.
  2. by   rnf24
    im getting the same thing...i also checked results yet
  3. by   Tweetybird41
    I tried to check results on the BON and it says system is updating. I am happy that Luvs can go to work in peace. Now we wait. God is granting blessings in our neighborhood so I am encouraged.
  4. by   rnf24
    do you think the pvt is accurate.
  5. by   rnf24
    i pray to God i passed...if not i will still bless him
  6. by   Tweetybird41
    I am thinking it is. I just checked I am still getting it. The system is not giving me the updating message anymore and I still don't have any results. I don't know what else I can do.
  7. by   Tweetybird41
    So true. He has still been good to me.
  8. by   Tweetybird41
    Luvs you giving me hope. I needed that sigh of relief!
  9. by   rnf24
    i will definitely let everyone knows..if the pvt did not work for me. im still waiting. still got the good pop up
  10. by   rnf24
    did you get your result yet
  11. by   Tweetybird41
    Quote from rnf24
    did you get your result yet
    No, did you?
  12. by   rnf24
    no still waiting. it has been 48 hrs.
  13. by   Tweetybird41
    Quote from rnf24
    no still waiting. it has been 48 hrs.
    Me too! And nothing.