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  1. pjp2u2

    New Nurses! Post here, Lets get to know one another!

    Hi yall! My name is Juls, just graduated last month Dec. 2010, passed boards Jan. 14th, and started orientation Jan. 24th! I am super excited to start working in my dream job at the PICU and can't wait to grow and learn as a nurse :)
  2. pjp2u2

    Employability of new grad nurses in Georgia

    I'm here in Atlanta and quite a few of my classmates already have jobs. Many were hired right into the units where they had practicum: 4-5 into Mother/Baby at Northside, 6-8 at Piedmont (Surgical Services, CCU, ICU, Mother/Baby), a couple at Grady, 8-9 at CHOA (Yay! That's where I will be :), and some hospitals are just now holding interviews(Emory, Gwinnett Medical) so I'm sure more will be placed soon! I'm sure there are more places but I can't remember them all now...
  3. pjp2u2

    Average night shift differential??

    @JLB1985: Hi! I had my Senior Practicum in the PICU at Scottish Rite, applied in October, interviewed for both Scottish Rite and Egleston in November, took the PEDS entrance exam in Nov. along with my HR interview, then I found out on the last day of class in Dec. I had the job! I'm currently on orientation now and super excited to start. I am entering the New Grad Residency program, which will be yearlong classes along with a mentor. If you have any other questions just let me know!
  4. pjp2u2

    Average night shift differential??

    Those quotes for CHOA are accurate. I was just hired on as a New Grad RN. It's 3.25 from 3P-11P, 4.75 from 11P-7A, then 6.00 for weekend 3P-11P, and 6.50 from 11P-7A. Most hospitals around Atlanta don't work on a % system but actual dollar amounts and vary from $3-6. Hope that helps!
  5. pjp2u2

    Starting Nursing salaries by State?

    $21-$23 Atlanta, GA area Not really easy for New Grads to be hired unless they are hired into places they had their practicums at but hospitals have been on a hiring spurt lately (requiring anywhere from 12-24 months commitment from New Grads though upon hire)
  6. pjp2u2

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

  7. pjp2u2

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Then that is good pop up! And it indicates you passed :) Congratulations! I just took my NCLEX Jan. 14th, did the PVT, got the good pop up, and felt infinitely better. But of course I still paid the 7.95 2 days later to get official confirmation from Pearson Vue that I had indeed passed. But it works so don't worry!
  8. pjp2u2

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Yes it should still work. Did you try and register?
  9. pjp2u2

    new RN - income questions

    I just got hired as new grad at a hospital in Atlanta. $22.34 base pay + 3.75 nights $21-23 seems the norm range for new grads in Atlanta. Yall make me want to move to another state!...Give me a few more years and I will be making bank too :0
  10. pjp2u2

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    22.34 for New Grads- Atlanta Area +3.75 night shift differential +2.00 weekend differential
  11. pjp2u2

    graduated 4 years ago, still not a nurse !

    Have you taken a review course? If you haven't I suggest you take one. Information from nursing school can be overwhelming especially if you are four years out of school. Some good programs are Sylvia Rayfield, HURST, etc.