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  1. by   jmpopo
    Go dance they say 2-10 days of waiting before you can see your name in CaBoN site. I saw mine after 3 days. they don't update on weekends so maybe tomorrow you'll have your result.
  2. by   sarahnancy
    Quote from monimi
    Let me start by saying I've been lurking on this board for about three months. I took my NCLEX-PN on Thursday @ 10:45 am. Once I completed my test I waited until 7pm on Thurs. to do the pearson trick I got the good-pop. I just checked my unofficial results today and I PASSED! The good pop up does work!

    I took mine yesterday it means I need to that right??I got good pop-up..But I didnt find my name on CA BON web site..

    Thank you
  3. by   RNUSRN
    It worked for me! Thank you, Jesus! <3 i am now a
  4. by   sarahnancy
    I hope it works for me also!!!

    I am still wondering.....

    I want to be a nurse here..I not graduated from here..It was so hard for me especially "learning english"...First I learned english than I studied for took almost 2 years..everyday I studied maybe atleast 9 hours..

    I hopeee..

    Thank you
  5. by   jmpopo
    updates are available only on weekdays. so you might see your result on monday.

    if you got the good pop up. you fken pass :smiley_aa
  6. by   sarahnancy
    Quote from jmpopo
    updates are available only on weekdays. so you might see your result on monday.

    if you got the good pop up. you fken pass :smiley_aa
    Thank you

    I am not gonna worry any more because atleast I got good pop-up)

    When I took first time I didnt get good popup than I FAILLLED 2 months ago.Now I have hope...

    I will check on monday or thuesday..

    Thank you again..
  7. by   Lizzie21
    I'm not sure. Try again. I think when I did it and took my over the weekend the credit card thing didn't come up. don't quote me on that though.
  8. by   lauren1120
    This was my 3rd time taking the nclex. Im hoping I passed this time. All three times i have had 265 question. This time i had 22 sata. I got the good pop up that i have never gotten. Im going to be so nervous this weekend. Im fortunate that NC participates in the quick results and I will know Monday!
  9. by   Orange Tree
    if it says "delivery is successful" next to your test taken, it should work.
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from aida0505
    I finished my NCLEX at 11 am today and i did the Pearson trick right now, merely 2 and a half hours later and i got the credit card sign!!!! but i dont know if it works immediately and on weekends. Im sooooooo nervouse, please help!!!!
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  11. by   yeahitsanton
    Quote from sarahnancy
    Hi everyone!!!
    Does that mean I passed???
    I am really wondering!!
    I cant sleep!!
    Please help!!

    Thank you
    yes, you passed. So, sit back and relax. I know your saying to yourself "Its only official until my letter comes". But the PVT realy works! Congrats Nurse SARAHNANCY
  12. by   kristoffer
    got question. does the trick work for students who graduated outside the us? its asking my program code which 99-425 for philippines but still it doesnt work. im one step away from the bad or good pop up! its killing! help
  13. by   kristoffer
    i did not pass. this so depressing
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