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  1. by   MrsLRJ
    Quote from hcbaby22
    does anyone know what date theyre working on??
    i called the bvnpt yesterday 6/30 and they were working on may 16 i thought my letter was going to be there yesterday but it wasn't fingers crossed for today
  2. by   MrsLRJ
    Quote from Lenina
    Hello everybody! Just wanted to let you all know that I wrote my exam for CA on
    June 15,2010. Then checked several times at pearson and got good pop-up and today on June 30 got my letter stating that I passed. I am relieved and happy!!!!
    Good luck to all of you!
    your letter already You must be an RN
  3. by   seraph18
    PVT worked for me as well. I took NCLEX on Tuesday and I just knew that I failed. I had 75 questions ranging from easy to hard questions, including just single answer and about 5-7 SATA questions. I have been checking pearson vue for the past 48 hrs and had the good pop up continuously. I just checked the website to find that I passed
  4. by   Delistarz
    So has anyone gotten the pop up and failed????
  5. by   pdnursekim
    My friend who also did the PVT, got the good pop-up, and just found out she passed too!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!
  6. by   momswann
    I know 4 ppl that did the PVT. 3 got the good pop ups and passed. One got the "bad" go to credit card screen and in my experience, it works!
  7. by   LuvPedsNrsg
    I just took NCLEX finished about an hour ago. Checked the PVT and got a pop up that said "the candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. a new registration cannot be created at this time" what does that mean????
  8. by   dinah77
    A sfar as I know, it means you passed!
  9. by   caliotter3
    Good luck.
  10. by   kaety
    I know how all of you are feeling! I took my NCLEX-RN on the 29th, and I have checked probably a million times for the pop-up. Everytime I get the good one. I am 45 minutes away from my 48 hour time limit for my quick results, and it is ABSOLUTELY killing me! LOL When the computer shut off at 89 questions for me, I thought for sure I had failed. I just wanted to cry the whole hour drive back home, but I held my composure until I got to my computer to check the pop-up trick. I think that just because I got the good pop-up is the only reason I have survived the last two days! LOL I pray to God it works.....cause I honestly don't think I can handle much more of this drama! LOL

    I wish you all the best of luck.....and CONGRATS to all you new RN's!!!!!!!!!

  11. by   Guilbert01
    Is there anyone that has tried this pearson vue trick recently? I did right after I took the test and got the "good pop up" but it seems too good to be true??
  12. by   nucjoe76
    I got a question...I just took the NCLEX RN this morning at 1000, what is this good popup thing? I don't get it. My computer turned off at 75 questions.
  13. by   dinah77
    Quote from nucjoe76
    i got a question...i just took the nclex rn this morning at 1000, what is this good popup thing? i don't get it. my computer turned off at 75 questions.

    here are the exact steps to see if you passed or failed the nclex exam on the pearson vue web site:

    1) go to
    2) select the 'test taker services' tab at the top.
    3) click 'register' on the right side.
    4) click the 'credit card' link.
    5) click the 'sign in' link in the second sentence.
    6) enter your username.
    7) enter your password.
    8) click the <sign in> button.
    9) click 'register' on the left side.
    10) select your test type.
    11) click the <next> button.
    12) select your country.
    13) click the <next> button.
    14) answer the yes/no questions.
    15) select your country again.
    16) select your state.
    17) type in your city.
    18) click the <search> button. a list of schools should appear.
    19) select your school.
    20) select the month and year of your graduation.
    21) select your board of nursing.
    22) click the <next> button.

    very important: at this point, if you get a pop up that says 'the candidate currently has test results that are on hold. a new registration cannot be created at this time.', it has nothing to do with passing or failing; it just means that they are reviewing your records due to random reviews that they conduct, or because they needed to locate some data or papers, etc. this means you will possibly have to wait a few more days than your friends who did not get this message. if you get the message 'our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time.', that means you passed. if you do not get either message and go straight to the credit card information page, that means you did not pass.

    your pearsonvue account must state that delivery is successful before you try the trick