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  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from MegaDrake
    Hi everyone, i try the PVT and i had a good pop -up. does it means that i passed the exam... please help me? im so nervous and freak out about this....
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  2. by   maya22
    Quote from babinski123
    could it be that your friend did the trick too early? and that she never checked on it again to see if it gives her a good pop up before getting her official result?

    hi accurate is the pv trick? i took the nclex this morning and tried to do the trick also, but im still hoping that i will still pass the nclex..
  3. by   maya22
    Quote from peanut1110
    Wondering if ANYONE out there has done the Pearson Vue trick and it take them to the credit card page (indicating failure of the NCLEX) but instead ended up passing?? Darn the internet for me searching for stuff like this because now I am devastated and worried sick!!! I am thinking that I indeed failed the RN exam and it kills me!!! I took the exam today and I got around 180 questions and browsed around online seeing this trick...tried it and got the credit card payment page and based on reading about this trick, I have failed!! HELP ANYONE!!!!!

    hi i was just wondering if you got your final result?
  4. by   Consola26
    Im here to confirm that the PVT does in fact work ! I took my NCLEXRN 9/28 at 8AM and at 815AM today - 9/30 my results are PASS !! I came across this thread and tried it and I got the "good pop up" over and over again when I obsessively checked. It really did help relieve my anxiety seeing this thread, thanks so much for whoever figured this good pop up thing out.
    I am sooooo relieved and now ready to start working !!
    My test shut off at 75 ?s and I had alot of SATA, who to assess first and some meds I dont remember ever coming across ... I was so scared when it shut off at 75 after 1 hour .. I was screaming in my head Noooo Im not ready yet ! haha but apparently I was !
    Good Luck to all you soon to be nurses ! And keep faith !! It really will get you through !!
  5. by   MLT,RN
    So a few days ago (Monday), I posted that I took the NCLEX, felt great, got good pop up on PVT.

    Now, 72 hours later. I am officially an RN per CA's BRN. w00t.
  6. by   UNLV-RN
    I got the good pop up. 75 ridiculously hard questions, went home and found out status was "delivered successfully." Got the good pop up and today at 6am found out I passed!!!!! I used KAPLAN in person workshop (did all of the question trainers and the entire q bank), Davis Q and A (did entire book and cd questions) and completed the NSCBN website remediation at
    Did at LEAST 50 questions from the Q bank daily. Usually 50-100 items from Q bank, 50-100 from Davis CD daily and didn't do the NCSBN stuff til a week before testing. Did it all in a four week period (because I had jury duty for an entire week in a criminal case).
  7. by   maya22
    Quote from wecandothis
    I actually have heard of a few cases of people going to the CC page and passing...keep the faith and don't get discouraged! It is the official results that count! Please keep us posted okay my fingers are crossed for you!

    hi are you??i got the cc page and im hoping and praying for a good the pearson vue trick accurate?i feel really defeated, but im still hoping for the best..please reply asap..if it is still possible to pass even if it lead me to cc page..
  8. by   ChrissybRN
    What is the good pop up everyone has been talking about????

  9. by   caliotter3
    Check out the extensive thread about this. It is a sticky at the top of the forum.
  10. by   maya22
    Quote from erinrp
    this is great news to many of us still holding on!!!!! Thank you for your post! If nothing else i will sleep a little better than last night!!

    It is great news..iam waiting for my results as well.. I hope and pray that I pass too
  11. by   blessedlpnnow
    The trick worked for me. I was so glad when I found it. Waiting for results was grueling, and I was sure I failed until I got the "good" pop-up. Then PV early results-pass!
    Thank you JESUS! You are so very good to me. Thank you JESUS! You have carried me through every step of this challenging process! Thank you JESUS!
    Best wishes to all!
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from chrissy421
    What is the good pop up everyone has been talking about????

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  13. by   godisgoodoldtym
    after seventeen days of checking the pearson vue and the mail man,the long wait is over!i received my official result i PASSED my nclex test,God is so GOOD all the time.