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  1. by   djh0611
    ok... I took my exam on Wednesday at 2:00 and did the pvt and it wouldn't go through!! Thankfully!!! Then yesterday I check BON web site and my name is gone!!! Just my CNA stuff is there!!! and now I am trying to do the quick results and it says they are still unavialable!!! Is it 48 hours after you take your test or 48 hours from when you start your test?!?!?!?! I am freaking out!!! I have this HUGE feeling I failed!!! Especially now that my Pending application is off the BON web site!!!!
  2. by   resilientnurse
    I am quite eager to share my "How I Slayed the NCLEX and You Can Too" story especially since I got the "good PVT pop up" after rushing home after six grueling hours of testing and 265 questions today, but I am going to wait until my unofficial quick results are in and/or my nursing license is posted before doing so.

    I am a RN in a US territory and this was my second time trying to slay the NCLEX. The last attempt was three years ago. As has been repeated many times over on this thread, I just knew I failed afterwards. My husband wanted to go out to eat and hang out a bit. "No, just get me home so I can get on the computer please." He kept trying to pep me up: " Honey, you just keep taking it over and over again until you pass it." I just felt so battered like my brain had a nuclear leak. He could have been speaking Chinese for all I knew. I just needed to get to a computer fast.

    The "good PVT pop up" appeared and I have been reading this thread and checking it every few hours or so just to make certain that it is still there between sending out text messaging, being congratulated, dancing, shouting, and crying tears of joy. What a leap of faith I've taken with this PVT!? I phoned the Indiana BON to ask how long does it take for license numbers to appear. "It can take up to 3-4 weeks", the lady said. When I pressed about the average time she admitted that they try to get them out within a week.

    It's Friday, so I guess I have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to pay $8 to get the peace of mind I need and share my story.
  3. by   monerxz
    Hi guys, took the nclex-rn exam in CA last september first. Got the good popup a few hours later that day when I checked the trick online.

    The results came in today by mail, and I just want to let you know that after 17 days of dreadfully waiting...I'M A BELIEVER! The trick worked for me! Woohoooo! Thank you LORD!!!

    I really thought passing would be such a long shot 'cause those questions truly made my jaw drop big time! But...look ma, HERE I AM and I DID IT! ;-]

    I send my warmest congratulations to all my fellow takers who passed too. To those who have gone otherwise, don't lose hope...keep trying! And to those who are about to take it, i wish you good luck!

    Ahhhh...I'm still in euphoria right now! And I will remain in this state for quite a while. Hahaha! ;-)
  4. by   JStollRN
    Hey guys!

    I, again, just wanted to confirm that the PVT worked for me as well. I received the good pop up and 48 hours later...I PASSED!

    RN BABY!
  5. by   Chose
    Quote from chose
    when i took the exam the first time i had 265 q's. I did the pvt the next night and my credit card went through...lucky i had the 200.00 because they took it fast out of my account. So it worked then... This time on yesterday i had 169q's and i wasn't able to go forth...pop up appeared...i had exhibition of chart calcuations...plenty of drugs and priority q"s like which one requires follow up and what should i do first and what do i expect the most...teaching and health and infection...some assignment delegation...peds...lot of post op and dx procedure type q's....i did the hurst review...exam cram....insanely easy pneumonics...saunders...i also took a break during my exam one only...and much prayer...deep breaths to endure...i know god wouldn't bring me this far to leave me....

    Congrats to new rns of 2010! Stay fresh and sharp in nursing and have fun,,,you deserve it !

    I will post back to let you know the official results...going to get my rest and praise on

    just following up with you guys.....i passed my nclex exam :-) yay!
  6. by   Chose
  7. by   brainhaverson
    I figure the more testimonials, the better. I took the RN NCLEX and got shut off at 75. I figured that I failed, because of the volume of medication related questions, no less than 15 sata questions, and the like. I got the good pop up, and just paid for the quick results a few minutes ago. They submit to me that I passed.
  8. by   TaTa34
  9. by   sr919
    I took my NCLEX-RN a couple months ago, and I did the pearsonvue trick when I got home, and I got the GOOD popup. Two days later my RN license was posted on the CA BON. So definitely try this, it is a stress reliever!!!
  10. by   JStollRN
    Quote from Chose
    Thank you Chose!!!
  11. by   freakylady555
    I have an appology to make. I used the pearsonvue trick about two months ago and I thought it didn't work and posted that it didn't work, but this time I tried it again and it did work. Last time I did get the bad pop up and I failed my nclex. This time I got the good popup and I passed. I don't know how I managed not to follow teh directions right the first time. So I am sorry and this trick does work.
  12. by   Asimpson
    Update!!! I posted two days ago on Friday... got the good pop up an hour after taking NCLEX RN and....... I PASSED!!! Found out first thing this morning! Yeah, PVT kept me from completely losing it this wknd. PVT works. It also worked for two of my other class mates!
  13. by   mRpeNa
    i did the pvt and got the good pop up... i passed!!!!! so glad its over!!!!...i want to thank everyone for your encouraging words and prayers!...this site helped out alot!...again thank you!!!!! :heartbeat