Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?? - page 196

This kinda worried me now. Some tester have done this I think ... the trick to re-register again to Pearsonvue . If it lets you register and pay again that means you failed and if stop you from... Read More

  1. by   2bNurse4life4ever
    Quote from soonertwin87
    I tried it too when I still was waiting to take it--but the pop-up said something different (something like test is still in progress or something). The other pop-up to tell if you passed says something different.
    This infact has me believe this trick with 200 % confidence! That there are two different pop ups.. it actually is not a "trick", its the mere truth!
  2. by   cstew RN
    Took the NCLEX RN on June 27th, did the trick as soon as Delivery Successful displayed, got the pop-up, could not advance to CC page, got official results June 29th. Had 75 questions, finished 55 minutes later. Passed so the trick worked for me. Good luck to everyone still waiting for results.
  3. by   yelle
    your friend is a first. did she get the pop up that said to contact her board, and still failed...lets clarify this so we can believe/or not
  4. by   BeckyMomof5
    It worked for me! I took the NCLEX RN June 30th and it shut off at 75 questions. I checked the trick out on Pearson Vue and got the pop-up and it wouldn't let me move on the the CC page. I found out 48 hours later that I passed. Yay!

    It shouldn't be used for a definitive answer, but it eased my mind a bit while waiting for results.
  5. by   shoegalRN
    I did the test before and after I took NCLEX.

    Before it said: Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration can't be made at this time.

    After it said: Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member board for further assistance. Another registration can not be made at this time.
  6. by   yelle
    i live in ohio, we have quick results i got scenario one and yes the pearson view trick worked for me. i agree lets pull together and see if this is legit.
  7. by   shay24
    sorry i didnt post sooner rmlimb but i just got off from work and yes i did pass. i guess the trick does work.
  8. by   jerzie0820
    Quote from soon2bRN516
    UMMMM I don't have the quick results feature as i stated above, my state does not participate....and WHAT OTHER PROOF DO I NEED? are you serious, i just wanted to see if people would post if it didn't work....according to the other thread it always why not see if it hasn't worked for someone else....geesh...

    As i said before, i hope it works!

    To the above poster I am so sorry, for your sake i hope it was wrong....

    you shouldn't be? i mean, anyone afraid to ask is AFRAID to learn. learning goes with asking =] so please, i'm not a moderator or anything but i hope we are all open to questions and ideas on this forum.

    thank you =]
  9. by   soon2bRN516
    Good point, and exactly what I was thinking
  10. by   soon2bRN516
    Quote from Perpetual Student
    Some questions will be easier than others. Don't forget that 15 of the questions will be unscored "test" questions for future use. Also, when it's a concept that you have down pat but gives others difficulty, something might seem easy when it's really considered a more difficult question.

    Nicely worded!
  11. by   ScaredTracey
    okay.....the trick worked. i cried all day yesterday....stayed on this website for support. i called every hour on the hour...and at 0800 this morning...i got the unofficial results from the state board. i passed. it is official and i am a registered nurse!
    i am so happyyyyyyyyyyyyy. the stress is finally over. i can't believe this. i just can't believe that i passed that test. i swear it was hard. i swear i didn't know much...i must have focused on the 15 that did not count and the every other question that i missed!
  12. by   SusanneCollins13
    LOL I was just thinking of you Tracey. I am happy for you that the trick worked. My thoughts are also with the girl who got the credit card page. I hope that if her results to turn out bad that she will not be discouraged and I just know she will pass next time.
  13. by   tmd040807
    I took my exam on 7/7/09. I too tried the "trick" after my status changed to "Delivery Successful" and got the pop up. I JUST got my results and I PASSED!!! I really think this is friend took it at the same time as I did and did the trick too and she also got the pop up and PASSED!

    Good luck to all of you who are awaiting your big moment and thanks to those of you who shared your experiences with the "trick" definitely helped decrease my anxiety over the past 48 hours!