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  1. I did not take a statistics course while getting my BSN because I never planned on going back to school, but things have changed and I'm ready to go back now. My problem is the program I would like to get into (and I'm sure the other programs that I haven't even checked out yet) require that I take a baccalaureate upper division level statistics course. Does this mean that I cannot take this at a community college? Or are such "baccalaureate level" equivalents offered at community colleges?
  2. kato

    Part Time job's during Nursing School

    My junior year I worked Th Fri Sat nights for 8 hours each, I had no life, and all my grades went down a little. The next semester, I worked once a week and I was able to maintain my grades. For senior year, I had no job, and most of my friends either quit, or had an agreement with their boss to work only when time allowed them. (My senior year wasn't harder than the previous years, it just involved a lot more clinical time and a lot of group papers, which made work near impossible). Good luck, don't burn yourself out!
  3. I think Silverdragon meant you need a SSN for your name to be posted on the BRN website, not that you need it in order to search for someone's name.
  4. kato

    July 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    I'm in California, it takes 3 days for it to be posted. They post 3 days later around 1 am so the site is down for updates, and it's ready to be viewed around 3. They "don't" update on Saturday, but I guess when they do updates, it's the early morning after, ie they updated on Friday July 3rd when it was really July 4th. So does that mean there are no new updates Monday morning? Anyways, I took it Wednesday, and found out Saturday. Some people here took it on Tues and found out Fri. I've heard of people waiting longer and thinking they failed, only to find out that they passed! Good luck, and stay positive. I honestly thought I failed at 75. I prepared a lot, but just didn't know what they were asking. And as I posted here and on other threads, they kept asking me the same questions over and over again so I thought I had failed so badly that they were trying to make me redeem myself.
  5. Thanks Felecia, the Pearson trick did work!
  6. kato

    July 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    I didn't think they would upload today since it's July 4th, but I checked around 1 am and the site was down for updates. I stayed up until 3 to see my name I passed! My prayers have been answered Thank the Lord and all those who prayed to Him for me. I can't wait to start work in a couple of weeks!!! P.S. The Pearson Trick worked for me
  7. Thanks Felecia, it's been 2 days and I got the pop-up, did I do it to soon? I hope I'm not the first one here to post that the trick did not work for me. I hate being a pessimist hahaha
  8. Has the trick NOT worked for some people? (You were not allowed to register again, but you did not pass?)
  9. kato

    CA NCLEX-RN takers

    Any results? :)
  10. kato

    CA NCLEX-RN takers

    My original day was the 30th, but I moved it to the 1st. My plan was take it on Tuesday, and get the results on Friday. Perhaps you will find out in a couple hours, I believe they update around 3:30 am... I just hope the results don't get delayed because of the 4th of July weekend.
  11. kato

    What is the Craziest Nursing Story You Have?

    An old man, s/p hip replacement and had mild dementia asked me if I was a "full fledged nurse" in a serious tone. I asked him what he needed assistance with, and he told me to get a wash cloth, moisten it a little, and scratch the area between his cheeks. He had no sores, and since he couldn't scratch his butt and it was bothering him (probably just needed a little bit of cleaning), I decided that I should help him. So I start scratching and cleaning and he screams "HARDER! HARDER!," then he farted a big one on my hand. I stopped, he just looked at me and said thank you as I awkwardly nodded and stepped out of the room. LOL
  12. kato

    July 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    I took mine yesterday, July 1st, and I'm very scared. It kept asking me the same medications over and over again, which I assume means I didn't answer it correctly the first time around. I stopped at 75, had a few priorities, a few SATA, one math that was DIFFICULT (I'm good at math), one put in order, and a lot of meds. I prepared a lot and felt content with what I studied, but it asked me so many questions and medications that I had no clue about. Glad there's a support group here! I'm just going to try to keep positive and keep praying. Just a tip, make sure you have everything you need with you. I received a letter that said I was authorized to test, but that wasn't my ATT. Luckily, the lady at Pearson gave me a map to the nearest Kinko's, and the number for the call center so I could ask them to email me my ATT. My stress level was very high, but she told me to relax, take my time, and assured me that I will still be allowed to take my test even if I come back a little late.