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  1. Hi everyone I took the nclex for the 3rd time today and fail with 265 question. I've tries uworld, kaplan and ncsbn extensions. Can someone please give me some good advices along with resources to help me pass? Thank you
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  3. by   Sharlett33
    What does the ready to pass book looks like?
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    I'll just share my experience on here. Not sure if it will be any help to anyone. I studied for about 2 weeks. I used Saunders Nclex book with the online questions and I used the ATI Mentor app. I also watched a lot of you tube videos, especially "Picmonic" vids. I really felt like those were the most helpful for me. Computer shut off at 85 questions. 4 hours later did PVT, got good pop up. 2 days later, my license was posted on Board of Nursing website.
  6. by   HalfBoiled
    Get the LaCharity Delegation/Priority/"who do you see first?" book.

    Retake Kaplan.
    If you took their refund guarantee, they should give you half off the second round.
    I would prefer the live class or online live (non-self paced)
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    Take the Mark Klimek review
  8. by   nmichelle001
    I graduated in 2010 and failed the NCLEX the first time. I waited until this year, 2017 to take it again and I passed. I did about 200 questions a day for 2 months constantly with UWorld and LPN Mastery app. Any question I got wrong I would review and review. It can be done. Good luck
  9. by   kingston2866
    I am on my 3 attempt too UWorld QBank is outdated it only helps you to not be anxious when sitting enclex because computer screens are similar but i think you have a better and well equipped chance if you do HURST LIVE in your area in the classroom setting. Dont do online save your money because its just matter of which series of questions you get when you sit enclex so dont be discouraged keep taking your exams until you get lucky to get a series of test like those 75 to 85 test takers that the computer shuts off and they get the good pop up and pass
  10. by   N1kk1203
    I graduated in 2004 and took the NCLEX for the first time last Sept 2017, didn't get my results till I went to the Sacramento Board of Nursing Office (on breeze - it says PENDING), I passed!!

    I really couldn't believe it, for one I've been out of school for 12 years, I was never an A's student, I'm not very good in memorizing meds, I was good in math so med calculations was easy, although I don't remember getting any calculation questions tho.

    The only resource/review I used was Hurst online + Elevate. I think because I'm not in working in a related field (medical) I was able to open my mind to thinking as a Brand NEW Nurse. I really think that's how I passed. Also I didn't do other review platform, because I find other ones confusing, and I didn't wanna overwhelm myself with all these questions/information. My mentality was, Hurst was a start, if I don't pass will will venture out to other review courses. But it did it for me. To this day, I can say I am never good in memorizing terms but I've always concentrated on the disease process and what we can do as nurses. I guess what I'm saying is know why this is happening and know what you can do to help/ease/ the heart, I don't know all the meds by heart but I know how antihypertensive affects it, how fluid affects it, how aldosterone affects it, how a tumor in the brain can affect it, how RF can affect it, etc...
    I've noticed in the test I was thinking like this, if I do this...this will happen, if I give him this...this will not happen, and I had to ask myself not 2x but 4-5 times, is this safe?

    When it stopped at 85 or 90 questions (I don't remember), I thought to myself I failed!! I told my whole family I failed and was already saving up money for my next test. It didn't help when on breeze under my license status says "Pending" didn't get a letter if I passed or failed (I also recently moved, maybe they sent it to my old address and wasn't forwarded). Luckily we moved to Sacramento Area so I was able to walk in to the Board of Nurses office and got my results (after 3 months, I was procrastinating because I really thought I failed, I thought to myself what's the point, I'll study again January).

    Please everyone, don't overwhelm yourselves, know your content, understand as much as you can, try not to memorize little things, when you understand, you will remember those terms/meds, etc..

    Goodluck and May God be with you Always!

    Note: I'm not working yet so if you have any questions, want any insights...don't hesitate to contact me.
  11. by   northmississippi
    It sounds like content review may not be your problem. It's too late to learn content and the nursing process two weeks before the nclex. I'll just about bet that most of the questions you had were about stuff you never heard of and you had to draw a conclusion based on whats safe given your whole two years of nursing school knowledge combined. I think what you need to do maybe, is focus on strategies of how to pick answers. Easy example, "I need to pick a med that has to do with cardiac,,but i've never really heard of any of these meds,,but wait, here is one that ends in olol.. ill pick that one." Learn these type strategies from Ati and kaplan. Just review a basic nclex book like exam cram or flash cards from the net for content or your old notes from school an focus on strategy. There is a percentage breakdown of what area of content is on the nclex, so maybe just hit those areas for content review so maybe you will get the majority of those. It looks like Management of care amounts to up to 17% of the test, so google for some free flashcards on nclex mgt of care, etc... Also, on the day before the exam, dont study at all, except a short list of lab values and a quick list of your strategies. A fresh mind will be better for you than cramming the day before. Eat right also, you can't fuel a car on the greatest water known to man.
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