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  1. nmichelle001

    Took the NCLEX-PN; I think I passed?

    I passed! I got my letter yesterday!
  2. nmichelle001

    Nclex pn 2017 result check

    A few days after I took my test on dec 8 in ca the breeze website allowed me to pay for my license even though I hadn't received my letter saying I passed. Under the manage applications drop box it should give you the following choices 1. Change of name 2. Request varification letter 3. VN initial application for license Its a good indicator you passed Plus the Pearson trick gave me the good pop up.
  3. nmichelle001

    Nclex pn dec 7 2017

    Took my test dec 8 in SD, CA. It shut off at 85 questions and Pearson trick said I passed. I received my letter saying I passed on Dec 18. Good luck
  4. nmichelle001

    Passing Nclex

    I graduated in 2010 and failed the NCLEX the first time. I waited until this year, 2017 to take it again and I passed. I did about 200 questions a day for 2 months constantly with UWorld and LPN Mastery app. Any question I got wrong I would review and review. It can be done. Good luck
  5. nmichelle001

    Took the NCLEX-PN; I think I passed?

    I'm in the same boat. I graduated in 2010 though and finally attempted it again on Dec 8. I got the good pop-up and on Breeze CA it is now giving me the option to pay $150.00 for my license. I think we just have to be patient but this sucks. I've been waiting for this day and the wait is brutal! Good luck!