oh my goodness!!!!

  1. i take NCLEX-RN on tuesday.

    any last minute advice?

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  3. by   bsunurse
    My advice is to stay calm! Also, look over lab values, insulins, and infection control!
  4. by   gerry79
    Relax! 85% of all who take it pass on the first try. Do go over lab values and remember maslow for priority questions. I had no patho on my exam and was a bit disappointed because I focus so much of my study on it. You will do fine, its not that bad.
  5. by   Jolie
    Put your books away tonight and don't get them out again. Not to study tomorrow, and certainly not to look up answers while you await your results.

    Relax tomorrow. Eat well and rest well. Allow plenty of time on Tuesday to travel to your test site.

    You'll do fine.
  6. by   CRNI-ICU20
    I am probably not a good one to ask this question....although....I had a heck of a good time taking my boards...
    My gal pal in nursing school and I went together.....
    Let's just say....she introduced me to Long Island Iced Tea....
    I had no idea they are 100% alcohol.....
    after two.....I attempted to stand up....and couldn't feel my knees....
    not kidding....I wandered upstairs to my room, fell face first on the bed.....slept like a baby.....woke up at the crack of dawn....showered....dressed....(in that order....thank God!)....and
    drank a tall OJ on my way to the stadium to take my test....yes....they held it in the ROSE GARDEN STADIUM in Portland OREGON....back in the days when we still carried oil lamps!! (ha!)....1800 other hung over people and myself sat down....and took the test.....
    I was number two in the state exam that year....I never met number one....but I surmised that just maybe they might have had three Long Island Ice Teas....and that's what gave them the edge!
    Here's to great success on your test....
    You will do fine....you have come this far....
    Keep us posted on your success....
  7. by   RN BSN 2009
    breathe in, breathe out!!
  8. by   rich2008
    I am taking it tuesday also, and all i keep saying is oh mu god. oh my god.
    i just want it to be over. you can do it. stay calm and strong!
  9. by   jamonit
    you too, rich! we can do this, right? i mean, i've done my best to stay positive, to think positive, to study 'productively,' but still the nerves are full force. it's like the final culmination...i got a job, i'm done with school...just gotta beat this test.

    thanks everyone for suggestions/support.

    i need it!

  10. by   onduty23
    only advice is go to bed early the night before and good luck
  11. by   rich2008
    you can do it! so can I! I will find out thursday mu results. can you in AZ find out quickly? what time is your test time? I am going at 9 am so i will be done before you . good luck!
    remember, you control the exam, the exam doesnt control you . or somtheing like that!
  12. by   RNismycalling
    1. Make sure you know your lab values and you need to have a good understanding of nursing content.
    2. Do nothing related to studying the day before the exam.
    3. The day of the exam, pray and be confident that you have prepared and that God will take care of the rest.
    4. During the exam, don't forget to breath! And one very important tip is to read each question carefully telling yourself that you CAN do it. If you do not know the answer, tell yourself that you CAN figure it out.
    5. Be confident in your ability.
    6. Lastly, before answering each question, ALWAYS think safety: Ask yourself "Which answer choice will cause the patient the LEAST/NO harm?"
    7. Think ABC (When applicable)
    8. Think Maslow (physical needs come before psychosocial)
    9. Take a break if asked to
    10. Breath, You'll be okay.
  13. by   baddaboom
    It Depends On How You Are. Some People Like Being By Themselves, Some Like To Spend The Day Before The Test And Hang Out With Friends/family. My Suggestion Is To Do Something You Really Love And Do It The Whole Day. That Way You're Focused On That And Not The Test. Then When Its Time To Focus, You're Ready And Fresh. Sleep Early!!!! Eat A Big Breakfast, Bring Some Food To The Center And Water, A Sweater, And A Hair Tie If Your Hair Is Long. Take Many Deep Breaths, Think To Yourself You Can Do It, And You Will Pass. Believe Me, That's All You Need. Just Have Faith In Yourself Because You've Worked Hard For This. Be A Safe Nurse On The Test And Remember Abc's. Be Therapeutic. Be The Best Nurse You Can. Take Your Time Too. Wear The Earplugs. Then After The Test Don't Obsesss Over The Answers To The Questions. My Mistake Was Doing That. If I Could Do It Again, I Would've Gotten Drunk Right After. So Do That. Or Just Do Something To Get Your Mind Off It. You Can Pass!! Good Luck.
  14. by   nurseangel47
    Get a good night's rest the night before. Eat healthily, drink lots of water before hand to maintain hydration, do NOT try to cram at this late date. If you don't know it by now, it's too late. You'll do fine. Impossible to study adequately at this point in time, do not confuse your neuronal circuits by the cramming suggested in previous posts. You know it, it's there. You'll be able to extricate it when it's time. Don't be nervous. It isn't brain surgery. You cannot hurt anyone. Relax. At least it's not a two day ordeal with a number two pencil and filling in the bubbles correlating to the answers! (old timer here! LOL)...and the most important part of advice I can add: TREAT YOURSELF AFTERWARDS! If you want/need to blow off some steam, PARTY down and celebrate with nursing school grad friends you've made. Or family or whoever has been supportive in this time to you.
    Go to a nice restaurant and even have dessert. You can run off those extra calories later when you're practicing nursing in whatever capacity you've chosen to participate in as a work capacity. Good luck. You'll be fine. We've all been there and guess what, WE SURVIVED!!! Now do a in celebration that it's over with!!! 'Cause it is....nursing school is finished...it's your time to shine!