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Anybody is taking NCELX in Nov? Let's get together and support each other to go through this. I am taking the test on NOv 19. Studying tips are welcome too.... Read More

  1. by   je_da
    Ergito2 and nynurs2b

    im praying for you guys. God wil guide you and bless you with wisdom. Guys, believe in yourselves that you can do it! Offer your anxiety to God and you will be okay!
    good luck and remember november family is cheering, supporting you!
    God bless you!
  2. by   PedNurse4Ever
    Good luck Ergito2 and NYUNURSE2B!

    Good luck to you guys. I will say a little prayer for you on the morning of your test. You guys can do it!

    Take your time with the first 75 questions. Even if you spend 3 minutes thinking through a question. This exam is more about CRITICAL THINKING and not so much knowledge.


    Love, Maria
  3. by   wizard100
    Born2bRN, seatlesbest000, starmatrix

    sorry to hear such a sad news but don't let this sadness eat you up!!!! You have to overcome this feeling. i took my test in july 19th and didn't pass. i know the world fell down in front of me when i checked the pearsonvue website. i got into depression and couldn't study. this site has motivated me a lot but at times i relapse again. i have to take nclex for 2nd time again in december '07 but i never ever have prepared the way i should.

    When i lose my motivation to study and feels like no one understands me.....i turn to this website for support, comfort and encouragement. i am in no place to advise you but i strongly suggest to take a break (1 week/2 week/3week take however long you need), get over the feeling and come back with confidence. do not cry and try to will eat you up. Go cry and cry however you need and come back.

    I wish you all three the best and will hear you guys passed in near future as well.
  4. by   tflorn
    Quote from seattlesbest000
    hi everyone... just found out that i failed. i logged in to pearson right after and registered to take the exam again. i thought it would be wise to do so while i still can, before all of this sinks in and breaks me down. this is soooooooo sadddddddd
    <<<------ these 2 smileys offer a good suggestion of what i should do next... go into hiding!!!
    im sorry to hear that you did not pass however even though it seems like the end of the world.... it isnt.
    i was in your shoes honestly and i feel that if you try out suzannes plan and follow it as she states then you will pass too. five times is a lot so dont spend any more money than you have already spent. her plan will work for u. be confident in it and know that this is the last time. most of all remember that
    " its how you deal with failure that determines how you will achieve success". you can do this. by the way, i was a 2nd time test-taker and passed with suzannes plan nov 7 and so have a lot of others on this site.
  5. by   Narine
    hi everyone !!
    i took mine yestetrday 75 q's 6 sata, 5 med, 3 delegation, no herbs, i easy calculation.the rest of the test priority.i don't know what to is my second time.this time i really took my time 3.5 hours.

    good luck ergito2 and nynurs2b !!! stay positive and take your crefully q's.

  6. by   Born2bRN
    Ergito2 AND nynurs2b,

    Good luck tomorrow on your NCLEX Exam. I pray that God will give you the strength and Guidance that you will need to Succeed. YOU BOTH CAN DO IT!!!!

    Keep in touch and let us know.

    Wizard100 and tflorn,

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I went to church today and the message was "BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE". My pastor spoke about failure. He stated that you are only a failure if you give up. He said, keep moving forward, and if you fail, get right back up and do it again.. That is exactly what I was going through and he gave me words of encouragement, as well as MY NOVEMBER FAMILY..I will be testing again..

  7. by   ergito2
    Thank you Je_da, Pednurse, Narine and Born2bRN for your pray, but I rescheduled to Dec 5. I know that I probably got into a bad habit of rescheduling my test over and over, but I am just so afraid and want to improve my score a little bit more before I sit for the test. I am still part of family even though I won't take my test until Dec, right? You guys have been very supportive and helpful to me in the past few month and this forum is my spiritual place. I won't change my schedule again, this will be my last chance.
  8. by   je_da
    you are always part of the family! We will continue praying for you and the rest,who will be taking!
    it is ok to be scared,bt dnt let it drown you. Stay on course and we'll get through all these together. We are here for you!
    buddy- believe and pray!

  9. by   matchbox2019
    hi november family,

    same with here,i will be taking on november 27. november family please pray for us and thank you very much for your full support........i will offer this exam to st therese and st jude thaddeus,i know that they will guide and help us during our test....just trust them.

    good luck to you guys ergito2 and nyunurse2band

    god bless!
  10. by   nyunrse2b
    Hey guys thank you all for the good lucks and blessings...I am just nervous about this test.Right now i am just going over the LAB values...I am keeping myself away from any questions.(sure is hard thou)....This will be my last post before my test...i will come back on after the test...KEEP ME in your PRAYERS....
    THank you for the support, and love my nov family....
  11. by   ONONOTAGAIN
    [font='times new roman']good luck [font='times new roman']nyunrse2b, klyanna, ergito2, blaquediamondz, matchbox 2019, lovenursebeing, makeerntobe, neko11111, summerbummer21 and anyone else take the test this week!!!!!
    [font='times new roman']we can do this!!!!!

    [font='times new roman']have faith in the lord......we can do all things through christ that strengthens us!!!!!!!!!!!

    [font='times new roman']any last minute tips for someone that hasn't taken the test in 4 years!!! thanks!
    [font='times new roman']i have been studying hard i just hope and pray it was enough!!!

    [font='times new roman']good luck everybody!!!!!!!!

  12. by   WAstateRN
    are you from seattle area...... if so pm me. may be we can study together.
  13. by   WAstateRN
    hi everyone... just found out that i failed. i logged in to Pearson right after and registered to take the exam again. i thought it would be wise to do so while i still can, before all of this sinks in and breaks me down. this is soooooooo sadddddddd
    <<<------ these 2 smileys offer a good suggestion of what i should do next... GO INTO HIDING!!!

    hi seattlesbest000,
    sorry to hear that you didnt pass but believe in yourself you will.

    i thought i quoted you in previous post but i didn't. are you from seattle area ........ if so pm me ok .......we can encourage each other and probably be study buddy.
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