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Anybody is taking NCELX in Nov? Let's get together and support each other to go through this. I am taking the test on NOv 19. Studying tips are welcome too.... Read More

  1. by   sunshine500

    Keep your head up. Just don't give up, take a break and start back studying. I cried all I could cry and I found this website and I started to feel better. You have found the right place to get alot of knowledge and help. You will be a nurse. Think positive and pray. You can do it!!!!
  2. by   je_da
    sunshine500, rn and iwillbanrn

    congratulations!!! thanks to god!!!

    you both deserve it!!!

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  3. by   sunshine500
    thanks je da
    what a great feeling god is good!!

  4. by   cheyeree

    I took my exam yest 265 8-9 SATA 2 cal and lots of Pharmacology for 5 hrs i did took the break and hopefully i will PASS this time . Its difficult and been studying hard. Now the waiting period comes. i know GOD always with me

  5. by   cheyeree
    Quote from je_da
    Good luck and God Bless to both of you: Starmatrix17 and cheyeree

    1.take your time with the first 75qs.
    2.Be ready to solve med calc with weight conversion.
    3. Remembr:abc,maslows, ped devlpmntl stages/play
    4.please check:Infectn control: TB, MRSA,Meningitis,AIDS,etc.
    5. Bring food and eat q breaks.
    6 but the best: PRAY!
    I took the exam for 5 hrs 265 8-9 SATA 3 comp i did take time for the first 75 ? its so difficult but with your prayers here and mine & my family hopefully GOD is with me during my examination.
    to you Je DA , chocolate 123,matchbox 2019 and all the november test takers who are praying for all to pass THANKS and may your heart be BLESSED always. Now the waiting period.
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  6. by   StarMatrix17
    Hi! I had 75 Q's yesterday with everything under the sun. I just hope I do pass this time. Warmest gratitude for all your prayers and support. Hope you all continue to pray for me no matter what happens soon.

    To God Be All The Glory!
  7. by   Narine
    sunshine500 and iwillbanrn !!!!!
    good job new rns...possible such a good feeling to feel that all study is is time to celebrate wooohooo
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  8. by   Narine
    starmatrix17 and cheyeree good luck !!!
    stay positive...i am praying for you guys.
  9. by   Narine
    god please send all november test takers your blessing and give us a wisdom to take and finally pass this exam....amen
    god will answer our prayers stay positive and remember guys:
    we can do that !!!!!!
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  10. by   ONONOTAGAIN
    excelsiornurse moetiny narine good luck on your test!!!!

    you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can do all things through christ that strengthens me!!!!!!
  11. by   sunshine500
    cheyeree and starmatrix17

    wishing you both well!!!! be positive!!! keep god first and i will continue to pray..
  12. by   PedNurse4Ever
    Hi everyone, I just got back from the exam. I feel like CRAP and am certain I have failed.

    Despite my studying and practice questions, I left there feeling as though I guessed on at least half of the questions!

    I had 77 questions and it took 2 1/2 hours.

    5 SATA, 6 meds, 2 calculations, many infection control, many psych, only a couple peds. Maybe 1 or 2 OB. A good amount of MED SURG.

    Does anyone know the significance of getting the last question wrong?

    I have been searching the forum to see if anyone has passed with 77 questions...and I have not found any.

    Im just in a really crappy mood right now. Im so angry. I feel like this test was nothing like what I studied for!!!

    Oh well, all I can do now is wait it out.

    Thanks guys for letting me vent.

  13. by   epg_pei
    Monday in Maine....80 questions in 1 1/2 hours...left feeling like I know nothing....passed.... umpiron: