NCSBN Review

  1. Any thoughts? I've heard good ones from the only few people I know who have used it. I have used Kaplan already and it was helpful to see some people say Saunders was "easier" or good for content only.
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  3. by   CyndieRN2007
    I thought is was good. It has alot of practice questions. Take the assessment exam and then study the content you are weak in. I liked it. I used the NCSBN extension course and I passed NCLEX on the first try with 75 questions.
    Hope it helps!
  4. by   Jme2007
    I am currently using the NCSBN plan and for the most part has been good. I believe you must know content as well as strategy for taking the NCLEX. This program doesnt teach you strategy, just content. There are practice questions but they dont always give you rationals and I think those are just as important, whether you got the question right or wrong. I am studying for the second time. The first time I studied Sauders and did a lot of practice questions. Dont go by what works for one person because we are all different. I am just a terrible test taker, thats all. I read too much into the questions. I will take my next exam (and last one) in a couple of weeks!
  5. by   Kaligirl82
    I got something in the mail for them and I was wondering how it worked. This will be my second time taking the nclex-pn.
  6. by   zm259
    i used the NCSBN, ill be taking my test soon. please keep me in prayers, this will be my second time taking the Nclex RN.
  7. by   hzrizen
    I used it as well. The content was good and the screen format was good as well. When I took the NCLEX I was at ease because the screen looked the same as the practice screen was. (Know what I am tring to say? )
    Anyway I passed 75 questions and I was done in 35 minutes. It was great.
    Good luck and I hope that this helps.
  8. by   Snoopynurse
    I enrolled in the online NCSBN Learning Extension and found it unhelpful and confusing. It asked only a few questions and had a lot of content that I could get from my nursing books. There seemed to be endless pages of content with only a few questions at the end that supposedly tested your grasp of the content. The actual NCLEX-RN-type questions were OK but no feedback (i.e., rationales) afterwards. I'd suggest Kaplan or something else.
  9. by   Hollywood RN
    thanks everyone for the info. so for those of you who used it and just took the test, how did it go? how did you feel?
  10. by   jls1117
    ive heard about this and i was actually just checking out the looks good, but still thinking if i should take it..coz i kinda have an organized plan now..doing Saunders 3rd edition (u gotta have the basics and content down first to understand some things), mosbys, i read the Kaplan book at Borders..hehehe...I have the Prioritization and Delegation book, a Q&A Saunders, but an old edition, and a Strategy for Alternate Questions book..i think im good for now..hehehehe
  11. by   zm259
    what is the name of the book for Delegation and Prioritization book , coz i really need that. thats my weekeness.
  12. by   khirbz
    I've tried and they have the best questions to practice ever.
  13. by   nikjalik03
    has anyone used the sylvia rayfield review course?
  14. by   gmh_usa
    Hi Donna. I'm preparing for my 2nd take tentatively 3rd week of January 09. When I first took the NCLEX last Oct. 08, modesty aside, I did not expect to not make it. I guess my lapse was on critical thinking. By the way, how true is what some say that in order to pass, SATA questions have to be encountered? I'm doubtful about this impression because there are some who finished without any SATA and made it. In your 75 questions, how many SATA questions did you have? By the way, I plan to focus on NCSBN online review on my last 3 weeks before schedule. I've gone through Kaplan, Mosby and NCSBN cd reviewers and I've learned much from them.