NCLEX RN October 2018

  1. Hello ,

    I just received my ATT. I am using UWORLD and Saunders. I found Kaplan to be useless

    I wanted to know how much time you gave yourself to study? Did anyone just jump in and test? Part of me wants to take this test next week and get it over with, the other part is telling me to take my time.
    I am writing down the rationales in UWORLD- I retain the information better.

    Also , if you already took the NCLEX- how was your experience? There is so much content to cover on UWORLD , that is is making me feel as if I need to know everything!

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   MrsMamaNurse
    I used Uworld and had a goal of 75 questions a per day....went over if I could. I always took the test and went over rationales afterwards, but didn't take notes because that was a rabbit hole for me. Probably had about 3-4 weeks of this...passed first time and it took 78 questions. (Freaked when it didn't shut off at 75! Don't do that :P)

    If you did well in school and do the practice questions, I bet you'll be A-ok! Good luck!
  5. by   Racrn
    Hi , thank you so much for the advice . There are so many tools out there with different questions - I'm starting to wonder if I'm using the correct prep tools . Did uworld simulate the NCLEX for you ? Would you have used anything else ? Thanks in advance
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  6. by   gwenzilla
    on the same boat! well, was. I got my ATT super late (one month after graduating with my adn) and I gave myself 6 weeks to study. I got anxious with my classmates taking it asap and I wanted to move mine earlier due to wanting to get it over with as well, but seriously, only take it when you're ready. I'm set up to take mine on Wednesday using uWorld and the 35 page study guide from here.

    my friends say uWorld prepared them well and I trust that! some people on this message board even say it was harder (no lie, those priority questions are kiiller lol)

    good luck!!
  7. by   Racrn
    Was the test similar to uworld? very interested in knowing.
  8. by   Lipoma
    I studied for 11 days using Kaplan (100 questions a day) and passed. Kaplan was definitely harder than the NCLEX. The format of Kaplan was pretty identical to the NCLEX-RN.
  9. by   Racrn
    Thank you Lipoma. I am so glad you passed with Kaplan. Only 11 days. How many days from the time you graduated to Nclex?
  10. by   Lipoma
    I am too haha! I graduated Aug 24 and took it Oct 1st, but didn't actually started studying until I got my att which was Sept 20. So it was more like 9-10 days.
  11. by   Racrn
    Geez! thats amazing!
  12. by   ShadowNurse
    I took both the NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN. I did not study at all for the NCLEX-RN and passed first try in 75 questions. But then again, I'm a strong test taker. I recommend just testing as soon as you can. You're fresh out of your program where you were exposed to all of those NCLEX-style questions and you're ready.

    In terms of actual test-taking strategies, I recommend:

    1. Take a practice drive to your testing center maybe a week beforehand. Nothing worse than being late and getting yourself all anxious the day of the exam.
    2. Don't test with any of your classmates. My classmate's anxiety infected me and made things a whole lot worse. I tested much better without them around.
    3. Don't study the day before. If you don't know it by then, you won't learn it in a day, and your brain needs a break.
    4. Know when your best time to test is. I scheduled my exam as early in the morning as I could, since I'm a morning person and I didn't want to have to stress about it all day. But everyone's different.

    There were a few questions that I felt quite sure we had not gone over in class. But that's okay. There's no way any nursing program can teach us everything. Just breathe, read the question completely, use your test-taking strategies, go with your gut and don't change your answers. Get used to picking your answer and sticking with it.

    Good luck! You'll do great!
  13. by   gwenzilla
    Hello again! I took my NCLEX at 8 am this morning and finished with 75q.

    Very similar, but the content on uWorld was more specific. NCLEX's priority questions were far more vague from what I noticed. Like, I would read the question and be like... "the client has mastitis? Okay? What are the vitals and O2 sat?"

    They really focused on management on mine. The ordering questions looked exactly like uWorld's.
  14. by   Racrn
    Thank you for the update. That is vague, so it seems uworld is harder and prepped you more? I hope you did well and thanks for checking in. I know this time is super stressful for us test takers!