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ShadowNurse has 4 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. ShadowNurse

    Mini Rant

    Thank you for the support, those who were supportive. I don't accept excuses in my life, but everyone gets tired from time to time.
  2. ShadowNurse

    New private duty LPN feeling incompetent

    Private duty is crazy stressful as a new grad; it's what I did right out of the gate. Speak to your supervisor and let them know that you really do not feel comfortable giving such care unsupervised just yet. You are not worthless at all. It takes time and oversight to make the transition from student to professional. If your employer refuses to give you more appropriate training, it's time for a new job.
  3. ShadowNurse

    Mini Rant

    My reasoning was that I had to work. I have no parents and no one could support me while I spent 4 years not earning enough to live on my own.
  4. ShadowNurse

    Mini Rant

    So, I have 4 years of pediatric experience in home care. I'd like to expand my skillset on a pediatric hospital floor. Not even a specialty floor, just a regular pediatric floor. Trouble is, 3 years of my experience was as an LPN, so on all of these filtering systems used by the hospital hiring algorithms I look like I only have 1 year of nursing experience because all they ask about is RN experience. My duties changed not one iota between being an LPN and an RN in my position. What's more, I don't have my BSN so I am rejected out of hand despite having years of experience. I am highly motivated to earn my BSN. The whole point of wanting to break into acute care is to not only expand my skillset but earn enough and work a schedule that would allow me to go back to school. The company I work for is too small for proper benefits and I'm working rotating shifts plus a second job trying to make ends meet. It's just tiring because I feel like goalposts are always moving. First I couldn't be hired as a tech because I was an LPN student, so I missed out on that opportunity. I went to school to get my RN to try to satisfy that requirement to move up. Then I couldn't take a pay hit to be a tech in RN school, so I missed out on that opportunity. Now I am being rejected for not having a BSN and not knowing the right people from not being fed through their tech system. It makes me feel burned out after only 4 years on the job and only making $19/hr after going thousands in debt.
  5. ShadowNurse

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    Just watched a movie called Black Mass. Great movie, but I was jolted by a crazy error. The main character's 6-year-old son develops Reye Syndrome and is supposedly brain dead and on "life support"...which consists of nothing but the boy lying motionless in bed wearing a face mask. I could not just let that one go.
  6. ShadowNurse

    What might be going on?

    Giving you just thirty days' notice to address what they claim are large and systemic problems (and clearly "or else") is a huge red flag too. My last job was full of BS, but even they were willing to work with me through my whole 3-month orientation before we me mutually agreed it wasn't working.
  7. ShadowNurse

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Thank you so much for this. I grew up with the handsome, charming father who was a monster in private. And the mother who was an RN, and a SANE to boot. Nothing could possibly be going on in our house. They were wrong. Thank you again for your resilience and courage.
  8. ShadowNurse

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    Oh, and the nurse who repeatedly dosed twin toddlers with tracheostomies with PRN Tylenol despite there being no indication for it and no other intervention on night shift. That was her response to anything and everything. Zero nursing judgment whatsoever. I took report from her once. Her first comment as I arrived was, "Have you gained weight?" I was so stunned that I just stood there a moment then asked how the night was. Thoroughly unpleasant and incompetent person.
  9. ShadowNurse

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    Nurse not fired despite more than 15 separate naroctic discrepancies on her shifts. Only action was (temporary) removal of narcotic privileges.
  10. ShadowNurse

    Expelled from RN program, looking for options

    I would not call getting an LPN a "waste of time and money" as that is the route I took to my RN and it worked for me. But I do see a lot of about-to-fail RN students thinking that they should "downgrade" to the "easier" LPN program. Which is a misconception. The LPN program us just as academically intense. The only difference is the length of the program.
  11. ShadowNurse

    How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    The fact that we are a better option than (for example) Venezuela, whose economy has utterly collapsed and people are starving to death, is not a reason to say we care for our citizens well. And by the way, we de-stabilized Venezuela's regime in the interest of "fighting socialism" in South America.
  12. ShadowNurse

    Lost Integrity: When Nursing Students Cheat

    The closest we ever came in my program was my clinical instructor allowing us to complete our drug cards collaboratively, dividing the assignment into 4 equal parts on a Google+ document and setting a due date for it all to be done. It really was a, "Work smarter, not harder" approach, and I really liked it. Then again, I loved nursing school because it was so heavily test-based. I felt like I was actually being graded on my knowledge, not how many fussy assignments I could keep track of.
  13. ShadowNurse

    Lost Integrity: When Nursing Students Cheat

    That was one of the perks of being not a particularly popular nursing student for me--no temptation to collaboratively cheat. I had one friend to ask about due dates and clarify questions, and that was it. Group cheating among the other cliques was, however, rampant.
  14. ShadowNurse

    How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    I think this would be an overall good thing for nurses. Or at the very least, after an adjustment period we would feel little difference. Seriously folks, all other first world countries have some measure of universal healthcare system and their citizens are all covered for less money than we waste to have poorer outcomes. Social Security was massively resisted when FDR first brought up the idea. Now we can't imagine American society without it and the thought of it going bankrupt has us in a panic. And anyone who says, "I don't want to pay for anyone else's care who can afford to pay themselves"...you clearly don't know how insurance works. Even your sky-high premiums and deductible are not set aside in a special little insurance company safe with your name on it. It all goes into the massive pool that every other person who is insured by that company draws from for claims. Medicare for all will cut out the huge administrative waste that individual insurance companies pass on to us as the payers. Everyone pays for everyone else as before (and you get paid for too) except more efficient and losing your job won't affect your care. Not exactly rocket science.
  15. Walking into my shift and Mom has not put the (ordered by MD) pulse ox on her sleeping toddler with a tracheostomy who enjoys de-cannulating herself. Mom insists that pulse ox "doesn't work" and wants me to call the medical supply company. After barely any fiddling, guess what? It works. Cue internal screaming.
  16. ShadowNurse

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    Full showers for people who are total care. I had the sweetest teenage redhead with CP I would wake, shower, dress, brush and braid her hair, brush her teeth, put her AFOs on, get her situated in her chair and hang her feed. I remember when I was a student and we gave a 55-year-old man living with complications from stroke a nice, long shower that only students would have time for. His relieved, happy smile was so satisfying. Trach suctioning gets me too. Watching those sats jump back up to where they are supposed to be almost instantly.