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Hi all, I'm a British nurse hoping to one day work in America, and was wondering if you guys had any advice regarding good revision books/tools for the nclex exam. I bought one book online... Read More

  1. by   susyq21
    Quote from shabooNARS

    Can anyone help me clarify as to what MS.suzanne actually mean the need to post 15 posts max to be able to pm her?

    Coz i plan to take my Nclex this December. I need to know the right way to send a pm to her. I understand i need at least two months prep in order to use Suzanne's plan. But i didn't quite get how to make 15posts to pm her and where can we pm her? I have an idea but quite not sure if i get it right.

    PLease, can anyone teach me?Thank you

    Sorry, i dont get it either anyone out there help!
  2. by   tolerantgirl
    from what I understand, you need to make 15 relevant posts to the allnurses forum and then you will be able to pm suzanne. you also need to complete her first tip which is doing the quizzes in the saunders book at the back of each chapter. She is taking a few days off because I am waiting for the 2nd tip and was told that she is taking some time off right now. hope this helps.:wink2:
  3. by   susyq21
    I took the test yesterday, how long does it take for results?
  4. by   susyq21
    I took the test yesterday, how long does it take for results?
  5. by   susyq21
    Is Suzzane's plan just to read saunders and that's it?
  6. by   susyq21
    Does anyone know how many you can you miss of you get 85 questions?
  7. by   princezzzz
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    If you do not meet her requirements then you will not get her plan. The first tip is not part of her plan but needs doing before you can do her plan.
    what is the first tip really means? to read tho whole saunders book? thanks.:redpinkhe
  8. by   Dark Avenger
    try saunders..
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from princezzzz
    what is the first tip really means? to read tho whole saunders book? thanks.:redpinkhe
    Read the sticky, it will explain everything you have to do for the first tip.
  10. by   sallers
    Hi there

    I am currently a registered Uk nurse (Cardiac HDU) and thinking of trying to work in the USA. I need advice in three areas:

    1: A reputable agency in the UK

    2. Best revision aid for NCLEX and how to apply in London.

    3. Do the USA age discriminate as in Australia?

    Thanks Sallers
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from sallers
    hi there

    i am currently a registered uk nurse (cardiac hdu) and thinking of trying to work in the usa. i need advice in three areas:

    1: a reputable agency in the uk suggest you check out the international forum on retrogression and the extremely long (as in years) wait for a immigrant visa allowing you to live and work in the us. h1b work visa requires bsn as a minimum and isn't used that much for nurses being in an agency makes no difference and i don;t think there are many agencies currently in the uk for the us.

    2. best revision aid for nclex and how to apply in london. see below

    3. do the usa age discriminate as in australia? not that i am aware of

    thanks sallers
    have also answered above in blue.

    starting point would be meeting state requirements and passing nclex. depending on when you trained will depend on whether you meet requirements. you will be required to have both clinical and theory hours in paeds, obstetrics, mental health and adult. suggest you see what state you plan to live in, apply following instruction on board of nursing website and a list of state bons can be found at the bottom of the page. once you recevie eligibility to sit nclex you apply to pearsonvue, pay their fees and extra is required if sitting exam outside of the us. att will be sent to you and only then can you arrange to sit the exam in london uk