NCLEX in 7 hours: A Note For Everyone!

  1. It's 1:30 am! My test is at 9am this morning and I am so excited for it! Not nervous so much as just really anxious in a good way and ready to get it started! I wanted to thank everyone for all the guidance, the good vibes, the cute anecdotes and the tips along the way! This NCLEX is a LONG time coming for me. I graduated nursing school eight years ago. Eight LONG years ago. Went through a really ugly divorce and had not been able to afford to take my NCLEX at the time. Before you knew it, life took over...and eight years went by. I was working all the while as a Medical Assistant, but it's not the same thing as knowing you could be an LPN or RN...if only you had the time, means and desire to follow through.

    I attempted to go back to take it many times over the years and forever made excuses why I couldn't. Not enough time. Too much work. The kids were too little. Not enough money. Content with my job. Too many years passed, so forget it.

    Any excuse I could dream up, I used.

    Eventually, you run out of excuses and know when it was time to run head on into your dream. I was fired from my job just before Christmas, due to a clash of personalities with my office manager (small dermatology practice). Instead of being down and doubtful about my future...I said, you know what, Cher? You have the time now. You aren't working. The kids are now 11 and 19. You have the money. You have a fabulous new husband who really supports you and loves you. And the years that passed? Well, now is the time to put a stop to it. Don't wait one more day.

    In the past 6 weeks, I have done over 4000 questions. I think I know more now than when I was in nursing school. And finally, the big day has arrived. Only a few more hours til I take this exam. I feel confident, excited and eager.

    I also know that if for some reason I should fail...I am proud of myself for at least making the attempt to go forward. And that is what I want to say to all you nurses to be. If you fail, forgive yourself. It's a lot to swallow all at once. It's high pressure. It's overwhelming. But, it doesn't mean you aren't meant to be a nurse. You have the passion and the drive, the conviction and the love. You got through nursing school for a reason. Don't let a test dictate who you are and what you are good at. You are probably an amazing nurse...just a lousy test taker.

    Be good to yourselves. Dream big. Reach for it. And, if you fall short, take the time out to study more and reach again. Don't be afraid to keep trying. Failure only comes to those who never attempt to try. Just by signing up for your exam, getting your ATT and setting a date, you are already taking a huge step into your goals. That is so brave. Sitting in front of that computer, facing the unknown is remarkably courageous.

    Remember what you are made of. You are compassionate. You are strong. You are driven. You are loving. You are able and capable. You are smart. You are giving your life over to the service of others in need.

    More than anything, you are WORTHY and VALUABLE. Never lose sight of the fact that no matter who you are, someone out there loves you. Someone is inspired by you. Someone needs you. Someone trusts you.

    That is the true measure of a nurse. Not a test. The real faith.

    Stay strong, stay focused and stay the course. You were meant to be a nurse. Never let your self esteem dwindle to the point where you are second guessing yourselves.

    I hope you all will think of me tomorrow. I will definately be thinking of all of you and how I know you will all be here to support me, pass or fail, and guide me through this time. I keep everyone here in my thoughts continually. I think that the support this group gives to one another is so inspiring.

    Thank you all for playing such an amazing role in the lives of others.

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  3. by   AuntieRN
    Good luck Cher....let us know when you find out that you passed!!!!
  4. by   EricJRN

    best of luck in the am. it is very commendable of you to think of others at a time that is so important to your own success. we're supposed to be giving you the pep talk, but i found myself inspired by your post instead of the reverse.

    again, we hope all goes well. let us know.


    p.s. go to bed! :d
  5. by   chieffe
    Thanks for this post. I've just registered here and it's great finding this kind of message. My life's a hell right now with the RN thing and all (will not elaborate though...). I still have to pass NCLEX and your post really lifted my spirits up.

    Good luck in your exam
  6. by   ak09
    good luck cherybaby,

    with that kind of outlook I would pass you without NCLEX!!! :chuckle

    keep us informed and chin up and concentrate!!!

    Ang x
    (english nurse):angel2:
  7. by   BmtTXLVN
    Good Luck Cher!!!
  8. by   renri4
    just wanna say goodluck!!! i know you will make it....:hatparty: just dance!!! , relax....:roll and roll over!!!
  9. by   Leilah75_RN
    good luck cher and what you have written is awesome and very uplifting.

    i am sure u will ace the test. just reax and pry. GL
  10. by   winnrn
    Good Luck Cher!!!
  11. by   janrette
    best of luck,cher!! wil be praying... ur words comforted or loose,we are still the best nurses our institution has...
  12. by   Narine
    Good luck. I am keeping fingers crossed for you.
    Very well done !!!
    Very optimistic post. I need to learn this
    I KNOW YOU WILL DO THAT....Let us know how it was....
    God will support you !!!
  13. by   eexcie82
    Good Luck

    You're included in my prayers...

    God bless
  14. by   kemerick
    GOOD LUCK! GOOD LUCK! GOOD LUCK! Please let us know how you did! Thank you for writing an inspiring letter! I take my test in 1 week for the 6th time, so just by reading that enabled me to feel more confident and determined!