NCLEX & hurst review?

  1. i am an older student nurse, and school has had many challenges with family life. i feel like it was a struggle just to get to this point, and now the NCLEX
    are approaching. I feel so very unprepared. What is the best way to study? Does anyone have feedback on the HURST review? help? suggestions?
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  3. by   medsomething
    Our class is going to take a live Hurst Review....they were recommended by the nursing school. HTH!
  4. by   rnrae
    I took the Hurst review 2 years ago and it was fantastic!!
  5. by   cn2007rn
    At our student nurse convention we had a 3 hour review with Hurst and they are very good. They pick some hard questions and then break them down.
  6. by   ChocoholicRN
    I've never heard of the Hurst review, can someone please explain this one to me? thanks!!
  7. by   dedicatedstudent
    it's a seminar review course that costs $300, it has online info, etc. they have a wesite, google it. i was just curious if anyone thought it was helpful for the NCLEX. sounds like it may be worth while.i heard they teach you how to breakdown and answer questions.
  8. by   Kaila
    I'm doing the Hurst Review right now. I really like it! She does a great job of breaking it down and simplifying, but not reteaching. You follow along at home with 250 pages of her notes, filling in the blanks. So far it's been great. You also have access for 90 days-this will help with FINALS as well as the NCLEX, that's why I started a little early with it. Good Luck!
  9. by   dak26
    My school used hurst. I really loved it. My only complaint was that our review was in May and I took the nclex in October.However,I passed the nclex the first time, I just studied all the information they gave us the weekend before my test.
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  10. by   lakerette01
    many of the girls in my nursing class took the hurst review. I think it was over 20, and all but one passed the NCLEX the first time. We had the 4 day seminar at our school. I really liked it, they broke things down for you.
  11. by   Charles805
    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this site. I recently graduated in May 2008 and I took the RN NCLEX last Thursday 14th of August. I got about 183 or so when the computer shut down. I live in California and sfeel so unease waiting for the result. I would say it was a tough exam and I got lots of analysis and prioritization questions.

    How long does it take for candidates in California to get the RN NCLEX exam result? What can I do to remain patient?

    Expecting response from anyone...
  12. by   Kaila
    No one told me as I relocated to CA just before taking NCLEX here...Look up your name on the website for CA board of nursing and it shows up rather quickly (days)...I didn't know and waited almost a month before figuring out that I had already been issued a lisence number weeks before. (I'll bet you know this already, being that you live here...) Anyway regardless, celebrate that you took the exam, that's a huge accomplishment in itself. Lots of luck!
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Moved to the NCLEX forum, Closing thread as op has asked this question already and received several answers