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cn2007rn has 5 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, Dialysis.

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  1. cn2007rn

    Burn out at Davita

    Thanks everyone! Glad I am not alone, I am transferring units in a few weeks so if it doesn't get better will probably cut to part time and find a per diem in something new and fun!!
  2. cn2007rn

    Burn out at Davita

    Anyone starting to burn out in dialysis, I work in home dialysis and getting so tired of davita's management, and all the reports they require, and all their expectations. Anyone else experiencing this??
  3. cn2007rn

    Returning to med-surg

    Hi everyone, I currently have been working in home dialysis for 3 years, before that I worked in med-surg I felt it was so stressful, never knowing what to expect with codes and falls and crazy pt's. I think I am getting bored and burnt out from home dialysis, tired of being on-call, tired of pt's always calling and texting. Tired of money hungry mgr's and the push to increase census. I also work mon-Friday, not having time to do anything. I miss 12 hour shifts, more like I miss 4 days off. I feel like going back to med-surg might be calling my name, I feel like I will be better at med surg this time because there is so much autonomy in home dialysis so I make judgement calls all the time. What should I do? Do nurses actually go back to med-surg???
  4. cn2007rn

    Fresenius home peritoneal nurse

    I work for davita as a peritoneal dialysis nurse, it's ok, I liked it more when I first started, pt's are constantly texting me and calling me, also I am on call every other week, money is ok but my phone is constantly by my side, and I am always checking my phone. I miss 12 hour shifts at times, getting tired of working mon-fri, I also cover multiple clinics due to low census. Mgmt is always pushing for more pt's to train and tons of paperwork.
  5. cn2007rn

    How to get out of dialysis nursing?

    I have been doing home dialysis for 3 years and I am getting really tired of it, too many managers, on call all the time, I never get away from my job left early today and must have gotten 5 text messages from managers, I am thinking about rehab nursing, just want something when I leave for the day I am done no one will be calling me!!
  6. cn2007rn

    Home dialysis feels like sales??

    Due to changes in medicare, dialysis companies are pushing home dialysis, it's cheaper since pt's are performing therapy at home and you don't need the staff like in hemo. It's a very nice area to work in but I don't like pushing pt's into it, it's their choice.
  7. cn2007rn

    Home dialysis feels like sales??

    Hi Everyone, I have been working in home dialysis for 2 years, I really enjoy it, I like the pt's and teaching. But to anyone who has worked in the speciality...does it feel like sales sometimes? I feel like my managers expect me to sell the therapy...like I need a certain number of pt's so I need to get on the hemo floor and sell PD like a car. I don't think I like this aspect at all, it's the pt's decision, I shouldn't need to apply pressure so they do home dialysis. Not happy right now!! Thanks, had to vent!!
  8. cn2007rn

    Home Dialysis and Compliance

    Sometimes you need a lot patiences for your patients! I have been in home therapies for 2 years and I love what I do but you all patients at some point need reminders and retraining. Each month when they come in I do education w/ them so their skills stay fresh and I can gauge how much has been forgotten or if they are getting lazy w/ hand washing or disinfecting the transfer set. Home nurses might not be running from pt to pt in the hospital on the HD floor but we do a lot of teaching and encouraging some times that can become tiring if someone isn't listening! Good luck!
  9. cn2007rn

    Phone Interview with DaVita today

    Well hopefully you did we'll on your interview but personal experience should count for a lot especially taking care of family. Davita is very family oriented so I am sure they will take your experience into account. Good luck!
  10. cn2007rn

    Home Therapies

    I love working in home therapies. It gives pt's choices and puts them in control. It is the best career move I have ever made, and comes w/ much job security because it is expanding pretty quickly. I don't think there are many jobs out there because many programs are small and sometimes use the HD staff to cover, not that they are similar jobs at all.
  11. I think if you can make your cover letter convincing that you have the experience they want you will get a call. Make it clear that you are great at assessments and you are able to recognize that a pt is not doing well and you are good at multi tasking. Tell them what u can do for them and that you are a pt advocate and hopefully someone reading will call u!! Good luck!
  12. cn2007rn

    Brandywine Hospital

    I am working for Davita dialysis, I decided not to go w/ hospital nursing, don't like shift work and working holidays...good luck!
  13. cn2007rn

    New to dialysis

    I work in home dialysis and love it, love the relationships I have created w/ pt, knowing when something is going on with your pt since you know them so well. I am not a big fan of on-call, but everything else I really like. I like training new pt's and convincing them they can do this at home, and when they can, it feels very fulfilling that I taught them. I never thought dialysis would be my niche but I really like it and plan to do this for a while. Good luck w/ your new career move! Glad I made the move to dialysis!
  14. cn2007rn

    Experienced RN with an Associates - new job prospects?

    I think experience is a lot more important then a BSN. I wouldn't worry at all since you have so much experience. I am currently working as a home dialysis nurse (peritoneal dialysis) for Davita. They are expanding all over due to increasing need for dialysis. I really like my job, I teach new dialysis patient how to dialyze at home and follow their labs every month, I mean I do more then that but you get the idea! Good Luck!
  15. cn2007rn

    Managing a transition to night shift?

    Nights are a hard shift, if you can consistently sleep on the same schedule you will probably feel better. When I worked nights, I would come home and sleep for 4 hours, then wake up because I was hungry for lunch, then I would be exhausted the rest of the day and usually wanted to go back to bed by 8pm. You also want to eat small healthy meals and snacks, drink plenty of water, avoid lots of caffiene and sugar, it will make you crazy. I wish my body liked working nights because I love the staff and the quiet of the unit and more time w/ patients plus when everyone is going to work you are coming home, which is nice, but my body hated staying up all night, I would love to try it again but I would need to stay on a daytime sleep schedule. Good luck!
  16. cn2007rn


    I have been a nurse for 5 years and my stresses levels have increased a lot since I have graduated. I suffered from panic attacks the first 2 years of nursing, to this day I actually see a therapist for this problem, even though I have not had a panic attack in a few years. You post makes me realize I am not alone, nursing is the hardest job I have ever had. At my first job, I used to be jealous of the cleaning staff, they did not have to worry about killing someone or someone falling out of bed. I am still on anxiety meds, I have been through a few jobs but I think I have found my niche in home dialysis, nice hours and good relationships w/ chronic patients. My weight has gone up and down, and I was definitely guilty of emotional eating after long 12 hours shifts in the hospital. Anyway, good luck w/ your decisions but it does get easier and there are so many choices in nursing. Remember to get enough sun while working nights, I ended up w/ a vitamin D deficiency while on nights, which can trigger depression among other issues.

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