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  1. Kaila

    NCLEX & hurst review?

    Charles No one told me as I relocated to CA just before taking NCLEX here...Look up your name on the website for CA board of nursing and it shows up rather quickly (days)...I didn't know and waited almost a month before figuring out that I had already been issued a lisence number weeks before. (I'll bet you know this already, being that you live here...) Anyway regardless, celebrate that you took the exam, that's a huge accomplishment in itself. Lots of luck!
  2. Kaila

    STCC anyone?

    Hi Angela! Graduated from STCC in May. I have a feeling we are not talking about the Memphis nursing program now that I see that the originator of this thread is from Mass. If you are talking about Memphis, go ahead and email me, I'll tell you all I know. For Memphis, you sound like a great candidate. We too have 600 candidates, and many have yet to properly complete everything in the first place. So they don't even get considered. Good luck, I think you'll get in, just turn in all the paperwork on time! Let me know if by chance it's Southwest Tennessee Comm College...
  3. Kaila

    Best Hospitals for New Grads

    New nurse, just received my California license in the mail, living in Ventura County (new to the area). Am debating between Los Robles, Ventura County, St. John's Camarillo. I'm looking for a hospital that will teach me the most as I am nervous! Any advice? Anyone know about any new grad programs in this area? My husband is ready for me to work! :typing Looking for input!
  4. Kaila

    STCC anyone?

    Graduated last May, 07 from STCC... It was 2 years of absolute HELL once I got into the program. At every clinical rotation we did, we got numerous compliments from hospital staff at how prepared we were. As long as you make nursing school your very first priority (this goes for any school), you can get through it. There are some fantastic instructors, a small setting, and I made some lifelong friends in that crummy looking school. Looking back, I am so glad I didn't go anywhere else. STCC makes you score much higher on the HESI exit exam than any other school I have found, but it made NCLEX a breeze (a horrible breeze!). Best of luck to you! allnurses.com is a good resource throughout school, by the way.
  5. Kaila

    Dialysis-trying to understand it and fast!

    That's great! Thanks a lot!
  6. Kaila

    Graduation Songs

    Whenever You Remember, Carrie Underwood. It was just mentioned above. This thread is making me get all choked up, I've gotta go!
  7. Kaila

    Graduation Songs

    We are doing the same, pinning in a church. I don't know the name of this song, but it's by Carrie Underwood on her new CD. It's perfect because it hasn't been overplayed a million times. Look up the CD and I bet it sticks out. And, CONGRATULATIONS, can you believe it's finally here?
  8. Graduating on Cinco de Mayo and have one last test on Tuesday. Everything is snowballing at the end with our final on Thurs, and Hesi few days later. ANYWAY our last unit is CRD, ESRD, and Dialysis. ARF was covered on the last exam. My class notes are a little confusing, perhaps because my brain is fried. I'm looking for good websites that can explain it simply. Anyone come across any good renal articles/sites? Not a big fan of renal right now! Want to kick butt on the last exam so I can feel great about walking in to the final. Thanks!
  9. Kaila

    Nclex March 20

    Congratulations!!! I'm finishing up this May and am scared half to death of NCLEX. Really fantastic news-really happy for you!!!!!
  10. Kaila

    NCLEX & hurst review?

    I'm doing the Hurst Review right now. I really like it! She does a great job of breaking it down and simplifying, but not reteaching. You follow along at home with 250 pages of her notes, filling in the blanks. So far it's been great. You also have access for 90 days-this will help with FINALS as well as the NCLEX, that's why I started a little early with it. Good Luck!
  11. Kaila

    Looking for Nightingale Pledge ALTERNATIVE

    Hey thanks a lot you guys, these are all great suggestions. We are looking for stuff to present to our class for a vote, not sure how it will go over with faculty, but pinning is a student funded and planned project, so I think we can present a solid case for it. I just need to get through this semester so I can attend the pinning! I'm all ears if anyone else has anything. Thanks again! PS-really nice quote!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm (hopefully) graduating this May and we are starting to plan our pinning ceremony. Our class is really interested in finding a more updated variation of the Florence Nightingale pledge. Our Management instructor told us there were several. I have found one online so far. Anyone have any ideas? We are still doing a lamp lighting so we don't want to stray too far, just something that isn't so ancient! Thanks!