NCLEX-A grade would be nice!

  1. Is anyone else annoyed that the NCLEX is just a pass/fail exam after all of the hard work of nursing school and the exorbitant cost to take it?? Sure, I'm glad I'm finally a licensed RN... but it would be nice to be able to tell a prospective employer that my exam shut off after 75 questions, ostensibly doing as well as I could possibly do. I realize I'm basically just venting because it's not going to change, but it's really frustrating when you're desperately searching for a job as an inexperienced new grad in this economy and you can't use your performance on the test to set yourself apart in any way.

    Great. I passed. Now that test means nothing.
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  3. by   Leo2
    A long time ago when NCLEX was done on paper you would recieve a score, and some pepole would hire based on your score.The test now is set up so differently. Leo2
  4. by   mammac5
    I don't understand what the significance of a grade on the NCLEX would be...unless people just want to show off that they passed "better" than others!
  5. by   JeanettePNP
    No.... preparing for NCLEX is stressful enough without aiming for the highest possible score. However, some employers do use GPA as a benchmark, so you coudl always fall back on that.
  6. by   AprilRNurse
    Get that attitude out of your head if you want to do well in a new job. Your coworkers won't care how smart you think you are- honestly, regardless of how book smart you are- you'll get on the floor and realize you know very little, and your coworkers will realize you know even less.

    The NCLEX is designed to ensure that you are SAFE....not the best, smartest, or most competent.

    The REAL learning begins when you start your first RN job.
  7. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I'm with you, OP.

    I wish I'd received a percentile grade on the test.
  8. by   AprilRNurse
    Quote from mammac5
    I don't understand what the significance of a grade on the NCLEX would be...unless people just want to show off that they passed "better" than others!

    There's one in every clinical group.
  9. by   shockable_rhythm
    Most nurses I've talked to think the NCLEX questions have very little to do with real-life nursing. I don't think that many would be that impressed with how well someone did on their NCLEX. I will consider my RN license enough of a reward for passing!! but I feel your pain in regards to finding a's a horrible market for new grads.
  10. by   caliotter3
    Employers are well aware of the true significance of the NCLEX.
  11. by   irish_rainbow
    I could see wanting a "grade" if you failed... above, near, and below passing isn't all that descriptive.

    Most potential employers will look at your GPA if you put it on your resume, but it's not just grades that they analyze. You should put GPA, community service (like NSNA or anything similar at your school), pct/pcp jobs you had during nursing school, or anything health care/nursing related which you think would make you a good candidate.

    You have to sell yourself and your abilities... they want the "whole package."