mixed emotions about retaking NCLEX

  1. Well, I finally got my ATT yesterday. But I can't take the test yet until 03/23/07 (b/c of the 50 days waiting period). I really want to take it before april 1, 2007 since the test plan was suppose to be harder. Yeah, I know people have said in here that it shouldn't changed that much and it shouldnt be that hard. But for me it's really hard to look at it that way because my confidence is already dented after failing the nclex. My only problem about taking the nclex before 04/01 is that I haven't really studied much the way i should be. I have been working nights and by the time i get home, i am super tired, take care of my family and pretty much sleep as much as i can during the day. So i KNOW im not ready yet! But i really just want to take it and be an RN. But to top it off, I am very very very scare and uneasy about retaking the nclex. Please help me with any advice you may have. thank you all.
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  3. by   whit2980
    I know exactly how you feel. I have taken the NCLEX twice and I can retake it as of 3-17. I am also afraid of waiting til after april 1 but I think that you should focus on studying. that's the most important part. I understand how you feel about just wanting to be an RN already but if you aren't prepared you might..God forbid...have to taken it again and wait another 50 days or so. I am in fact waiting. I am trying not to focus on what people are saying and trying to think positively. Good luck and stay positive!!
  4. by   jessi.rn
    I am in the same boat as you all. I have taken the nclex already and will be able to take again in march 2007 but I am not ready, I have heard that the exam will not be that much different from before because the pass rate is only a decimal place higher than before from 1st april, if you work hard and study hard it will pay off whats a decimal point anyways. If you know you have not studied hard as you should then delay it, dont rush and waste your money and energy for something your not ready for, instead study a little everyday, go in to the exam doing your best and you WILL PASS, WE ALL WILL PASS. good luck and dont be so hard on yourself.
  5. by   RenHoeik
    I just recently found out I passed after failing 3 TIMES. Def make sure you are confident enough to pass. I kept re-taking ASAP without actually being ready. I even took KAPLAN twice. I did questions in ALL spare time with the Kap question book and the Saunders question book. I also used the class Kaplan book to refresh on things. Also, I used anti-anxiety medication which came up HUGE on test day. Its not a question of "will" you pass its "when" will you pass.
  6. by   suzanne4
    If you understand what the exam is looking for and know the information, then the new exam should not be any problem. There is absolutely no reason to cram to try to get it done before the new changes start.

    Samething happened when they added in the new format questions, everyone was in a rush to get the exam done with, and many have never even had one of those questions.

    Take the exam when you are ready, and not before. Best of luck to you.
  7. by   Luv4LPN
    I took my exam on march 1st had all 265 questions and found out today that I dod not in fact pass. I was just not prepared..I was just so anxious to be an RN. I figured I knew enough to pass the exam. I will intend on following the sticky from Suzanne and actually study this time and pass my nclex. Just fortunately I am already an LPN and so I am a nurse..just not the head honcho. I did not put in a enoug effort but you reap what you sow and I am going to dedicate myself to study and re take the exam after the 45 day wait.:wink2: :wink2: :wink2: I am positive about everything
  8. by   jls1117
    i also have to retake the test..and i still have to register again im just waiting for the forms..i am starting on reviewing again right now..and im am very positive that i will pass this time....even though they said they are gonna be changes..its probably now really gonna be a DRASTIC change..at least i hope not...

    i have question tho..can i go ahead and re-register for the test as soon as i get the forms..or wait for that candidate report before i send in anything..??
  9. by   lvnstar25
    I Have To Retake The Boards Also For Lvn Liscence And It Sucks To Have To Retake It...but We Must Keep Our Heads Up And Studddyyyy Reallll Hard..we Can Do It If We Really Put Our Minds To It...we Passed The Schooling And We Didnt Come This Far Not To Be A Nurse....so Goodluck To All Of You And I Will Keep All Of You In My Prayers!!! May God Bless Us!!
  10. by   Jhen
    i understand how you feel.. i almost gave up on my dream till i bump into someone and im back on track.. i'll retake too
  11. by   whirlwind
    the same thing goes for me... i failed my first nclex and starting now to be more determined..
    [color=#a0522d]just believe in yourself and someone from above..
    [color=#a0522d]goodluck to us!
  12. by   chris2227
    I can relate to what you guys are saying I have failed nclex twice. This time around I'm even more dedicated to study and pass nclex:angryfire . Best of luck to us all we all will be celebrating in the near future .
  13. by   Beeanurse
    I failed twice so far.. Now from reading your post the nclex is getting harder??? OMG.. I don't know how to study for this.. I have done everything. Taken my time.. I just found out today that I failed for the second time.. So discouraged.. I feel your pain girl.. I guess we just have to hang in there..
  14. by   lavender rose
    Well the day has finally arrived and I am going to take the test at 3. Ive practiced alot of questions and the ones wrong I looked at the rational. I also would read the strategies and tips to help find the right answer too. Going to read mom2michael "I hope this helps" one more time too. Keep those prayers going for me. I am glad to have a forum that I can belong to where we all are in the same boat somewhere along the line and just chat and can give one another input, advise, opinion, praises, complements. Its great