Kaplan or uworld

  1. Hello, i failed nclex last week. Do you recommend me
    Using kaplan or uworld? My weakness is sata and i want to
    Practice on different types of nclex questions.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   3peas
    I'm sorry you failed NCLEX. I would highly recommend Kaplan and attend a live class if possible. Kaplan is all about test strategy, it gave me confidence. It was also great about general test prep. Mourn your last attempt, but put it behind you and attack your next test date.
  4. by   Ertr
    How about live prep? How many Lecture?
  5. by   hopetopassnclex
    So sorry to hear this, I have heard much about both kaplan and UWORLD. I suggest you take kaplan for strategies and UWORLD for practice question. All the best in your next attempt.
  6. by   LinBel
    I'm biased because I only used one of the resources, but I would recommend U-World. It has great rationale. I didn't get to use my whole test bank, but from the questions I had, there were a fair amount of SATA and other alternate format NCLEX questions. Plus, they claim that they keep their bank up-to-date on any changes made to NCLEX. The look of the bank is similar to NCLEX too.

    Good luck to you whatever you choose!
  7. by   GaryRay
    I dont know anything about uworld, but I only took Kaplan because the hospital paid for me to as part of my GN program. I wished I had taken it before nursing school. They don't focus on content. By now you either have the content or you don't. They focus on how to answer questions you don't know the answer to. They also get you ready for the exam and make sure you know what to expect. If I had shown up to NCLEX not knowing I was going to be fingerprinted, videotaped, and photographed I would have had a panic attack.

    Plus you can take Kaplan again for free if you fail
  8. by   EveYeti
    Uworld >>>>>> kaplan...
    Kaplan was terrible, their question bank has no rationale at all, unless you want to look up each question and answer on your own I highly discourage you from using kaplan. They aren't even up to date with the most recent NCLEX format. Worst 300$ spent of my life, I regret bitterly. Uworld is so much better and it's much cheaper too. I bought both along with Saunders and Lacharity when I prepared for NCLEX, I basically didn't use Kaplan so much I disliked it and passed with 75q in less than 1hr with UWorld + saunders + lacharity
  9. by   SilentscrubRN
    mE TOO! Im currently using saunders --about to finish, then jump to pda next week,,then my last uworld( maybe for 2-3 mos?) what do you recommend uworld users?
    I heard friends who failed using kaplan but Im not bragging negative here..please..

    " I know I will pass!"
  10. by   EveYeti
    I spent ~6weeks to prepare. I first read half of Saunders, stopped after half because it was getting difficult to retain information blandly. That took ~1month. Then, I used uworld for 2.5 weeks, I did 2 sets of 75q a day everyday to finish the 2k questions, read the rationale, took some notes. The day before NCLEX i crammed ~500 questions from Lacharity, read through the rationale the day of my exam. I did some questions from Kaplan, ~700 and watched a few videos, they were bad so I stopped. I don't recommend studying for several months to prepare for the NCLEX just because after 2month I'd start forgetting what I covered in the beginning and it's not helpful for me.
  11. by   SilentscrubRN
    Thanks for your tips! I am excited to take that beast nclex exam...lol
    I always pray I know I will pass..
    How bout mental health did lots of topics came in exam?
  12. by   EveYeti
    The topics really vary from people to people, I only had 75 questions, not many topics you could cover with just that few. I don't think I had any on mental health, I had mostly developmental stages and child health.
  13. by   miszbeth
    I took the Nclex twice, one in July 2017 (81qs) and the second one just a few days ago (265qs). I got questions ranging from all of the different topics like growth and development, meds, procedures, lab values, infection control, ekg etc. Pretty much a little bit of everything.

    I used Kaplan, but only the book that had the strategies, review and 265 practice questions which I just borrowed from my local library. I read the entire strategies and review, then after that I answered the questions probably 10-20 at a time, then I would read through the rationales and write down the important things that I can just go over again. So that is what i did for all 265, i pretty much finished that after 5 days. I also used the Lacharity book for the prioritizations and delegations, this really helped me in my exam because all throughout my exam the second time around I had a lot of prioritizations. I also borrowed this book from my local library. I didn't get to finish through it since I couldn't renew it again since someone else had reserved it. So after that, I purchased Uworld (1month subcription) three weeks prior to my scheduled exam. When I took my first assesment I recieved a high chance of passing. I did 75 questions a day in tutorial mode. I would thoroughly read the rationales before I go into answering the next question. And pretty much i think that is the most important thing which is really understanding why the answer is the way they are. Because when you read through that rationale, you will get another question that is somewhat similar to that topic and you can apply that little bit of knowledge to answer that one question. The scores on Uworld really doesn't matter, what matter is that you understand those questions and answers after reading through the explanations. When I took my second try on the exam last Jan. 9th, I received questions that were similar to the ones in uworld but just reworded in a different way or was approached differently, however the overall content of the question was the same. And i was able to answer it because I knew the rationales for the choices of answers that were given.

    Best of luck to you when you take it again!
  14. by   joseyjo
    Uworld!!! Passed NCLEX early (before graduation) in 75 questions with 39 SATA!