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  1. So I've been off of residency since June of last year. Simultaneously while starting my full-time nursing career, I also immediately jumped into getting my BSN done as a full-time student. I've been finished with that since June this year. You would think that after these accomplishments, I would be proud and excelling in my career (and many of my co-workers, family, and friends say they don't know how I did it), but I just feel empty inside. I have been having intermittent suicidal thoughts since I started my prerequisites. It used to be so intermittent that I could brush it off and continue with my day but, over the years, these thoughts have become more and more crippling. They were especially bad during my programs, but I assumed that it was the stress of it all. Yet here I am, trying to better myself and do well by my patients but barely getting by without being distracted by these relentless thoughts. On really bad days, I have to tell them to stop out loud to myself to dim their volume in my head. I feel like its a constant struggle to keep my nursing knowledge in my head because these thoughts try to take so much room. On my days off, I used to go days without talking to people and stay in my room in the dark binge eating and listening to things at a high volume to drown out the thoughts. It's better now that I try to stay busy, go to the gym and socialize despite my introverted nature. I am interested in going further in my education trying new nursing fields and just appreciating life, but these intruding thoughts are holding me back. I feel trapped inside my head. The most frustrating thing is that I have no idea what is making me feel this way. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I've always been that way, so why haven't I always had these thoughts? I think that my family has begun to notice the changes in me. I have tried to take to my mother about it, but I think she fails to grasp just how bad it is. She is always like, "You have a lot of things on your plate. Just remember that everyone is experiencing stress. It's not just you. Things could be worse." I know that and hearing that then makes me feel ashamed and worsens the intrusive thoughts. I have been considering talking to my NP about it, but I'm afraid of having these thoughts being more real, official and in my record. Additionally, I'm afraid of it reaching my work management and while I like many of my co-workers, I don't feel the same trust and warmth for my managers. Any thoughts?
  2. LinBel

    Dosage question

    As others have said, I think you may be mixing up few things. Are you getting the 1 mL that you are talking about from by dividing the order dose by what you have on hand? You wont get a question like this in nursing school because either the supply dose will be greater than that (rather than the same as the order) or, like someone else said, it will be another measurement entirely (like milligrams) and you have to convert it. Regardless, if you are going to be starting nursing school, then you will be taught the way to solve nursing dosage calculations. If you are trying to get a head start in calculations, I would advise looking up examples of conversion dosage calculations or a study a measurement conversion chart Google or med book if you already got your textbooks.
  3. LinBel

    Need somebody advice!

    I would recommend working on ADN prerequisites while being a CNA for a the following reasons: - Cheaper than a straight BSN at a four year college - You get the opportunity to grow in medical experience, while getting used to college (and improving your GPA) - You are getting job experience (for resume) - Makes getting used to clinical easier (especially if you get a CNA job in a hospital) since you are familiar with equipment and some procedures - If you decide nursing isn't for you, you are out of less money - If you work as a CNA, especially at a hospital, you have a better chance at getting a job where you work I've heard from people that classes are smaller compared to 4 year colleges too (better chance to ask instructor questions). As long as you shine in prerequisites, and work on keeping your GPA up, your high school GPA can be forgiven.
  4. LinBel

    Kaplan or uworld

    I'm biased because I only used one of the resources, but I would recommend U-World. It has great rationale. I didn't get to use my whole test bank, but from the questions I had, there were a fair amount of SATA and other alternate format NCLEX questions. Plus, they claim that they keep their bank up-to-date on any changes made to NCLEX. The look of the bank is similar to NCLEX too. Good luck to you whatever you choose!
  5. LinBel

    January 2018 Nclex

    I just took mine on January 6th. Found out through my board that I passed today! I felt pretty uncertain when I left too, but I felt that I ended with a few correct questions, so that helped me in resisting the urge to try the trick. I had very few alternate format questions, so it made me even more nervous. I used Prep U/Passpoint/Lippincott since it was provided by my school, the Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2015-2016 Strategies, Practice, and Review with Practice Test and U-World to study.
  6. I passed! So happy! I was nervous because everyone talks about how getting more SATA questions meant that you were passing, but I got like 6 or 7 at most and like 3 organizing ones. Haven't gotten results from the center I took it at, but my license is active!
  7. I got mine through my Lippincott Q&A Review book. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't super easy, but it wasn't super difficult as well. I also felt like it taught me more critical thinking than u-world is currently. Hoping that the NCLEX has questions like it. The only reason I didn't buy it instead was because I started to see a few repeat questions, and so I decided I had to move on.
  8. Since I graduated mid December, I've been using Prep U (since my school uses it) to study until last week, when I got a trial of Passpoint. Before my trial ended, I was ranging from mastery level 6 - 8. I tried out U-World because I recently heard of it and wanted something to keep me sharp until Jan. 6 (NCLEX Day!). I take a test and promptly get a 40% score. Am I even ready for the test? I don't know anymore. I feel like I'm only retaining general knowledge and don't know anything deep enough. Now the test is around the corner and I'm panicking! I guess I'm asking: 1. Has anyone used any of these sources? 2. What were your scores with these sources before passing NCLEX? 3. Does anyone else feel like they only have surface knowledge?