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  1. Guys, any from you under Adex, OGP or worldwide healthstaff? Any insights from them? These 3 are top on my list as they have 2 years contract only.
  2. SilentscrubRN


    hi how was it?
  3. SilentscrubRN

    NCLEX PV Trick

    congrats and hope you could share how to pass it?
  4. SilentscrubRN

    Pass my nclex rn for the 2nd try

    congrats! what was your strategies in test taking? can you please share to us...
  5. wow! hope i cann pass it.. uworld seems a 5 star! more tips on reviewing about lab values?
  6. SilentscrubRN


    Hi just pray! But i think its a good sign.. cheers.. so its a harder exam?
  7. SilentscrubRN

    NCLEX 2018 - 1st timer after 9 yrs grad

    Hello.. planning to take mine on april this year! It is better to take max 4mos once you started reviewing. That will be enough i guess... more practice questions. The content its already implanted to us. What i need this time is to memorize the lab values lol.. "IF THEY CAN, WE CAN TOO!"
  8. SilentscrubRN

    Filipino NCLEX Passer (Florida) for VISA SCREEN

    Hello... May I ask if passport usa is an agency for nurse staffing or direct hire? How do they differ from other agencies.. tia
  9. SilentscrubRN

    Health Carousel/Passport USA

    Hi may I ask about them please.. does passport usa hire directly or they will be your sponsor and once you reach usa thats the time you will know which hospital you will be employed? Tia
  10. SilentscrubRN


    How long did you prepare for the exam? And hrs per day? Reviewers...Tia
  11. SilentscrubRN


    hello hows the result? any more tips...please
  12. SilentscrubRN

    Took nclex today computer shut off at 205 question

    what exactly message when declined? i think its a fail.... it should be "another exam is currently regisitered blah blah.." for good pop up.. i dunno not sure.. just pray :)
  13. SilentscrubRN

    265Q's FAIL, 265Q's PASS

    Hi congratulations! Cheers for passing!!! Yippee.. happy for you.. may i ask of you dont mind in the first try how long did you study and hours per day? Did you study full time? Tia
  14. SilentscrubRN

    NY results hold on 2weeks!

    Hi congrats!!! Cheers to celebrate! Any tips dear for me? Please...How long did you study?
  15. SilentscrubRN

    Passed with 75 questions using UWorld

    Hi how was your exam? Can you share your thoughts please...
  16. SilentscrubRN

    NCLEX 2018 & PV trick!

    Hi dear congratulations! Cheers!!! May I ask some tips please what materials youve used and how long did you review? How many satas?which content areas mostly came out to you? Did you use uworld and which is easier uworld or nclex?❤ thanks love lots