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  1. hopetopassnclex

    9years later

    Good luck dear! Thanks for sharing too.
  2. hopetopassnclex

    9years later

    Why this question instead of congratulating her? Are you the hospital or the manager that will interview and hire her? What about those that just graduated and couldnt pass yet? Could we be more mindful of how we respond to post here?
  3. hopetopassnclex

    9years later

    Congratulations dear!
  4. hopetopassnclex

    Received ATT today

  5. hopetopassnclex

    Nclex shut off at 75 questions!!

    I hope you pass. Don't stress yourself so much until you see your result, you might pass, Just keep hope alive and wait to see what happens. Goodluck to you.
  6. hopetopassnclex

    NCLEX was easy

    Congratulations! and thanks for your honest input. This will surely help to calm down so many.
  7. hopetopassnclex

    Cant find a RPN job in Ontario :(

    It is really hard to get Job in Toronto, either they are looking for 2-3 years experience or something else. Well keep applying , luckily one day you could find one that will suit you.
  8. hopetopassnclex

    My NCLEX Experience: Preparations, Study Tips, and Acing the Exam

    Congratulaions! how did you see the exam in terms of difficulty?
  9. hopetopassnclex

    Re taking nclex-rn after 7 years out of school?

    Picmonic for visual learners.
  10. hopetopassnclex

    Took the NCLEX Today - 75 Q's, 21 SATA

    Congratulations to you. Please did you just say you didn't get any SATA question?
  11. hopetopassnclex

    NCLEX, 4th attempt, passed with 76 Q's

  12. hopetopassnclex

    NCLEX 1st attempt PASS 75 questions

    Congratulations dear! Job well done.
  13. hopetopassnclex

    Passed NCLEX

    Congratulations! Did you finish the whole practice question on Exam Cram including the online exams? How close is it to the Nclex ?
  14. hopetopassnclex

    Just found out I fail

    Sorry to hear you failed the 4th time. Please post what your study materials and whatever you did to prepare in the previous 4 exams you took, that will give people here the idea on what advice to give you. All the best.
  15. hopetopassnclex

    My experience with Uworld (and other reviews)

  16. hopetopassnclex

    I need HELP!!!! Prepping for NCLEX

    I think i just heard about it, may they just started it and it could be helpful. My college of nurses posted it on facebook. Lets see if we will get more information about it.