Just took the Nclex

  1. I just took the nclex on saturday 9, 2013 at 8am. This is my fifth time taking the exam. My computer usually shuts off at 85 but it didnt this time meaning I was near the passing correct? I was wondering if the pearsonvue trick is legit. In the past when I logged on and tried to reregister the credit card screen popped up. This time I was sure i passed, I got 2 math questions and 6 select all that apply and I knew everything. I felt confident that i passed when I left the testing center. I then tried the pvt and the credit card screen popped up and now im discouraged. I hope the pvt is not always correct, some say it depends on your computer. I thought I was doing so good! what should I do
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  3. by   julz68
    I wouldn't give up hope just yet. Although I haven't seen anyone fail with the good pop up, I have read about those who did the PVT and it went straight to the credit card page AND PASSED. It was even on this forum from back in September 2012.
    Hope this helps...
  4. by   obloom14
    I failed my nclex with 149 questions. Did the pop up took me straight to the CC page. I kept checking hoping to see my name would somehow still show up on the BRN but nope...even after a couple of days nothing. 6 days after I took my test I got the letter saying I didn't pass.

    I would wait until you get the letter in the mail. It should come pretty soon. Good luck.
  5. by   mmichel26
    thank you guys
  6. by   davi000
    sorry to hear that , just wait may be MIRACLE happens. what was your study plan and what was your score?
  7. by   mmichel26
    at davi000, I go to school full time, I attend drexel university. After I finish all my school work I would Do 150 questions daily, and read the rationals whether right or wrong. I would also review diseases and disorders from my exam cram book right before I went to sleep at night. Im just going to have to take it again, maybe Im not studying correctly. As soon as I get my results back Im going to fill out the form and send it out so when I receive my att I am going to schedule my test date as early as possible. So basically I am going to continue studying now.
  8. by   nalaa83
    Did you take the NCLEX for RN or LPN? Based on the information you provided, that you took the NCLEX 5 times so that means you have been out of school for sometimes. Maybe you should have a different approach to studying by taking a refresher course or content review like HURST. Just a suggestion hope its helpful. Good Luck!
  9. by   ednurzph
    hi guys i just took the NCLEX-RN today March 27,2013 with 75 questions and i tried the pvt trick the pop out saying "The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time." Please help i dunno what to do? Does it mean i failed?
  10. by   D51/2NS
    That is the "good pop-up screen". I know from experience and this "trick" does indeed work. Breathe easy and congratulations, you passed.
  11. by   ednurzph
    hi there D51/2NS... thanks for that message. i really don't know what to do... i'm asking myself why they did hold my result what's wrong? a new grad job program is waiting for me... crossing my finger...
  12. by   JustBeachyNurse
    On hold doesn't mean pass or fail. It means something happened that Pearson needs to review your test. Whether minor (issue with palm scan, tested quickly, stood instead of raising hand, etc), major (cell phone use on break, brain dumping, brought test materials into center) or a random audit the only thing to do is hurry up and wait. Most holds are off within 48 hours and then you can check PVT or quick results, as applicable.

    Waiting is the hardest part.
  13. by   ednurzph
    ok guys i called pearson vue about my result and i was told the reason why its on hold is that they reviewing my exam results... so why they do that if i failed dont hold it just failed it... yay...