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I FAILED again for the 2nd time, this is getting so frustrating. Not sure if I can go through all this again, all those nights revising, doing on line tests. thing what gets me is when doing the... Read More

  1. by   cheeca
    Quote from Bala Shark
    Did you read Saunders NCLEX book and Kaplan NCLEX book..You should get those books
    I have read Kaplan NCLEX but not Saunders, going to get this book this week, in the hope that it will work for me, It seems that everyone on here has used that book and said it helped them passed along with Suzanne, so hopefully Suzanne will guide me along the way and help me secure a PASS.
  2. by   cheeca
    Quote from Epona
    Here is a question for you all...

    How can you pass nursing school and fail the NCLEX?? Is it THAT HARD?? You would think if one was a good nursing student, you'd do fine on the test. Now I am scared!! E
    Well thats a difficult question to answer. Its not hard but it is (if that makes any sense to you) people who trained outside the USA, had different training in school to you. We need to master the technique of analysing the type of question that they are asking, is it an assessment question, implementing or evaluation etc. We have to try and educate our brains to thinking in the American mode. Also I find that what we might consider a priority here on the wards you necesarliy don't. Also there are many questions on all areas of nursing, Physchatric, obsetrics etc, and in our training we only did 6 week placement in those aras. Once we qualified we specialised in 1 area. I have not worked in or with paeds, psychiatric patients for many years, so when questions arise on those subjects it can be difficult to select the correct answer. Also I find drug names in the USA are differnt to ours, and its hard trying to remember.

    Anyway good look for when you sit your exam, hope you pass. I have brought the Saunders comprehensive book today, so the studying starts again today
  3. by   RNKay31
    I am very sorry to hear that you had fail, but please do not give up, there is a light at the end of the turning, I had fail once, and just pass it on my second try, and the problem was not content, it was nervousness, and anxiety, also I did not have the strategies to approach those questions, if you would need my help, feel free to pm me, wishing you all the best. Love Kayla
  4. by   dijaqrn
    Sitting for the NCLEX is nervewracking no matter how well you did in school. Just being fingerprinted threw me into a cold sweat. It is harder for foreign students because you need to be able to cipher out keywords, isolate the "stem" of the questions and understand them in addition to having the nursing knowledge. Keep trying Cheeca, if you hang in there it will be worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   bmmNurse2b
    if you fail 3 times in navada and go to cali and pass, can you practice in nevada??/
  6. by   Paleobug
    Yes, you just apply for a license. Once you pass NCLEX it's good in all 50 states. You just have to apply for a license in any state. There is a group of 18 states were the license is transferable. Unfortunately, some states are greedy and want you to pay them a fee to transfer your license.