Just got my results I PASSED!

  1. I am so Happy right now, I cant believe I passed, I thought I did horrible sice I only knew about 4 answers on the whole test. I think I will write a book called guessing techniques for NCLEX.
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  3. by   desperate66
    Congrats to you!!!!

    that is wonderful news..................

    have fun
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  7. by   shanLPN
    Way to go! Congrats
  8. by   cheeca
    congratulations to you, .... unfortunatley for me I got my result today and failed 2nd time. Good luck for the future
  9. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Many Congrats Hotmalespn (I almost wrote "Tamale" LOL)!!

    [And Cheeca, I'm so sorry. Aren't you really remarkable for jumping right in anyway to congratulate another!]
  10. by   blessed1702
    congratulations nurse!
  11. by   sweetwhisperer
    hi! im new here,this is so cool..everyone is so supportive...I just took my NCLEX last 8/30 and it shut down at 75...my anxiety is soaring high, felt like im going crazy waiting for the result...its so hard to predict if one pass the test or not...i have so many prioritization and delegation questions, got some select all that apply,no math, there are some pharma and lot of MS questions..it is a nerve racking experience...oh how i wish i pass the exam...its alot of stress waiting for the result..Im hoping for the best...Wish me Luck! :heartbeat :angel2: :heartbeat
  12. by   Paleobug
    Congratulations! Yes, NCLEX is more like a riddle. This is why instead of it being critical thinking, I call it riddicle thinking.
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