Is 3 weeks enough time?

  1. I am taking the NCLEX July 2nd. Thats only 3 weeks from now! I have been studying a few hours each day for a couple of weeks. I also took the Kaplan review class. Do you think that is enough time? I am going to study more per day now. I also start orientation for my job this Monday, but its only 8am-2pm, and Friday, Sat, Sun off.
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  3. by   Jules A
    It was for me for both my LPN and RN. I didn't do a review class either but I am a good tester. If you are decent at testing I would say go for it. Good luck.
  4. by   kgrl819
    I took my NCLEX 2 weeks after completing the Kaplan live review, started orientation and dealing with my terminally ill dog (he's my baby). My thought on scheduling the test so close to completing Kaplan was that it was fresh on my brain and that the longer I put off the test, the longer I could put off studying. This forced a tight study schedule.

    You've got this in the bag!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. by   vballmanrn
    I only had 4 weeks between graduation and testing, but I felt prepared. I take standardized tests well and graduated 2nd in my class Magna Cum Laude. Still, after taking the test I walked out shocked after 75 questions. I never took the Kaplan, I did Sylvia Rayfield and while it helped with knowing disease processes and pharmacology it didn't prepare me for how the questions are asked. I still passed NCLEX-RN though. From what I hear, Kaplans questions are more like what you'll see on the NCLEX. If you feel prepared and you did well on Kaplan, I say GO FOR IT!! You'll have to take it eventually, so you might as well take it while it's still fresh in your mind. What's that old saying? "What you are not learning, you are forgetting."
  6. by   2006RNCS
    It was 2 weeks for me from graduation to taking the NCLEX. I am a nerd though, so I thrive off learning all that I can, and I was doing the prep all through nursing school. The NCLEX was so unlike any test that I had ever taken. Just know your labs, study prioritizing type questions, know your meds. On mine there were a lot of prioritization, critical thinking, several medication questions (I purchased a flip-o-matic Kaplan med. book from Books-A-Million), no math questions,etc. The med. flip book really drilled the meds into me, and it has helped me retain knowledge of the meds.

    I wish you the best. The exam to me wasn't that bad. You'll do it!!!:heartbeat
  7. by   nursememrie
    Hi! I took 2 wks off after May 8 graduation, then I began reading the Kaplan book. Finished it, took the test in the back of the book, took a test on the CD, then spent the last 10 days doing about 100 qBank questions a day....about 3 wks total study time. I passed this week with 75 questions. Good luck!
  8. by   racing-mom4
    I got my ATT on Dec 31st and tested (and passed) Jan 23. I didnt really start studying till the kids went back to school from Christmas break. 3 weeks was perfect for me, anything longer and I would have lost my focus.

    Good luck!!!
  9. by   SuperSN2008
    Yep, your plan sounds pretty good. Just keep practicing those questions you're doing.

    I gave myself 3 weeks to prepare for NCLEX and everything worked out well.
  10. by   clairebearrn
    My test date is also July 2nd and im studying the same amount as you!!! Dont worry, well pass!!!