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I took the NCLEX on November 22nd, and Thursday is Thanksgiving. I called twice today and they said they don't have my results yet, they will have them on Monday by 9:00. I started them at 1:30 and... Read More

  1. by   grentea
    Hey jeepygyrl-I'm in PA too and I took mine on the 23rd. I suppose from what they told you, I should expect to be hearing about it on Tuesday. Let me know how you did! Everyone has been trying to get me to calm down about it and I've been really keeping myself busy which has been working for the most part. I just keep reminding myself that odds are in our favor!
  2. by   BigB
    check your board of nursing website. Your results ( i.e your name and license number) will likely be up there before you recieve result in the mail.
  3. by   Jerico
    Texas State Board got my results before I did!
    I looked myself up on their site - and found ME!

    It was awesome.
  4. by   jeepgyrl24
    Hey greentea, they told me i would know on monday. I wish you the best of luck, and where did you take yours?? I took mine at Horsham.
  5. by   BigB
    Quote from Jerico
    Texas State Board got my results before I did!
    I looked myself up on their site - and found ME!

    It was awesome.
    I can't wait til I get to do that . great feeling i bet !!!
  6. by   BabyRN2Be
    Good luck to everyone waiting. If you got priority and disaster questions, I've heard that is a good sign.

    Remember, 85% of the people taking the NCLEX for the first time, pass it. This is from 2004's statistics.
  7. by   grentea
    I went to Wayne for mine. I hate being in limbo like this but I did go out today and I had quite a bit of fun which helped a lot.
  8. by   tagaBohol_RN
    are the results you get on pearson vue - online official? i took my NCLEX last Nov 16 for NJ nurses board, and got to check the pearson-vue website, they said i passed ( ), but when i checked the NJ list of nurses, my name wasn't in there . . . . . .

    did i pass?
  9. by   suzanne4
    if pearson-vue states that you passed, then you passed. remember thag your name will only be listed on the website of nj after they have assigned you a an actual license number.

    an if i remember correctly, nj only updates their site twice a month or something like that. they do not do it on a daily basis.

    until you actually get a letter in the mail, or see your name on the nj bon, you still are not a registered nurse under the eyes of nj law in terms of practice and how you sign your name, if you have begun working already. you are still a gn until you actually have been assigned a number.

    congratulations on passing.
  10. by   tagaBohol_RN
    thanks for the info, suzanne4. really appreciate it . . .
  11. by   Mommy2Maddy
    Jeepgyrl - Any word yet?
  12. by   jeepgyrl24
    No, they told me I would know by tomorrow at 9:00 am.
  13. by   moon18
    pray for you!!!

    Let us know tomorrow