I took NCLEX this morning. Here is my experience.

  1. I arrived at the testing location about 655am this morning, so I decided to wait by the door, because they will only allow you to come in at 730. I went through the registration process and then was seated to take my exam. At this point, my heart was racing as I did not know what to expect. I quickly completed the introductory sections, since it's basically the same info on the NCSBN website. Next, I completed a section that pretty much are questions related to demonstration of various NCLEX alternative questions types.

    My first question was select all that apply ( my weakest base on practice exams), at this point I tried to remain calm because I have done all I could by reviewing for 2 months, praying which I often do anyway, all I could think of was God didn't bring me this far to leave me. After that I received multiple priority questions, see first, couple delegations questions, infection control, bunch of management questions, so many select all that applied, all together had about 25, about 10 medication questions including 2 math calculations, also 2 chart questions that I had never practiced on any practice exam, here my anxiety started to rise again, some drag and drop and 1 picture question. By the 72 question the computer ask if wanted a break, so I took a 2 mins break, then the screen went blue at 75, did the survey questions. I left feeling confident, but started to feel worried after thing about all those select that apply, so I went home check the pearson vue, did the trick and it indicated that "our records indicated that you have already taken this test" etc....
    I hope this means I pass...

    For study, I used Kaplan did all the questions scores in the 60s, q bank 100 completed with scores in the mid 50s, trainer 7 scored 70. Also, for content used Saunders which I believe is the best book to have for content and PDA great for answering priority type questions. to me Kaplan was way more difficult than the NCLEX, the questions I received were more like that of Saunders and NCLEX 3500 which I also used for question in the last 2 wks prior to neclx. I did not study the day before the exam and I had about 8 hrs. of sleep. Its also important to have a small breakfast before the exam and relax!
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  3. by   RN2BEESOON
  4. by   nalaa83
    Congrats I bet it feels so good!! Go celebrate!! I am taking Kaplan as well just finished the Q Trainer 7 with 63%. Will be taking the exam in a week.
  5. by   leanforward
    Good luck and thank you
  6. by   Scarlo
    You passed! Congratulations!!
  7. by   jstbpositive
    saunders 5th edition?
  8. by   davi000
    CONGRATULATIONS !! you made it !
    did you have any ECG question? which review is good for practice ECG . i am searching all websites and you tube videos. but not even one i see the practice questions. i have NCSBN , kaplan online 3500 and 4000 exam cram, marry hogan book has some i will just do that ones .
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    Way to Go! Congrats leanforward!
    I hope when my time comes I'll do as well....
  11. by   StephS2013
    I had 3 EKG questions! Just know the basic strips but don't spend too much time on it! Focus on priority delegation infection control and SATA.
  12. by   leanforward
    Yes Saunders Comp. 5th ed. ....no no ekg questions... but i did review those ekg from my med surg test book and saunders which were the same from the text book. Regarding ekg, just now those most common ones such as, v. tach. v fib, a. fib, a. flutter, pvc, etc....
  13. by   QuanaBSN
    Congrats Im pretty sure you passed. I took mine on Thursday and I got the good pop up and I found out Saturday afternoon that I PASSED. Im a believer now that the pop up really works!!
  14. by   leanforward
    congrats, hope it works for me too.