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Took the NCLEX Wednesday morning and had all 265 questions. I just had a terrible feeling inside. Called my employer at 9:30 this morning and found out I PASSED!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOO :yeah: Karen... Read More

  1. by   attyrn
  2. by   a2j

    congrats to u...i took mine on friday and passed with 265 questions.i really thought i didnt make it since i had to go through all of it...praise god!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   nadu13
  4. by   leam09
    ei congrats to you

    i took mine last sept. 19,unfortunately CA doesn't have access for quick results..i kept on checking the CA BRN for license verification but still i've got no results til now.. i'm getting paranoid now!
  5. by   Silverdragon102
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